Zoo Art

For our study of elephants we use black and white finger-paint to mix to make the color of elephants.. Grey! Then the children can use their fingertips to make eyes, mouth and trunk.

Using Q-tips or new water color brushes, paint animal crackers with edible paint made from corn syrup and food coloring. The children never have anything to show for all their hard work, but their tummies are happy!

If you could make a large cut out of a lions head with an outline of a lion’s mane, the kids sure love finger-painting with yellow and brown paint and a little liquid starch. When they dry you can draw the lion’s face on or the kids can the next day.

Zebra Stripes

Precut zebra shapes on white construction paper and then, using black paint, have the children marble paint the zebra. They love to see this “horse” turn into a zebra!

Hint: I find that larger marbles or even ping pong balls, work best.

take a shoe box-remove lid- punch holes about 14 of inch in along the length of the box and again on the paralleled side trying to keep holes aligned. run a straw through a hole on the top and on the bottom -sit box onto one of longer side-wha la-cage. Next allow the children to create an animal out of clay or toilet-paper rolls-pull up a straw an give the animal a home.