Zoo Art

Cut out pictures of animals out of a magazine and paste them on a yellow piece of construction paper. Glue strips of black construction paper across the yellow paper like a cage.

Cut out the vague shape of a giraffe on yellow construction paper and let the children put spots on it with a bingo marker (stamper). Works for a leopard also. For younger children let them put spots on the paper before you cut out the shape.

Hand zoo animals: Have each child trace their hand on light colored paper. Allow students to use, crayons, markers, paint or fabric scraps to add the animals face, tail, markings etc. Encourage students to draw backgrounds of natural environment.

You can make a stencil of a giraffe (use a file folder for the stencil), and then the child can use small rollers and yellow paint to paint the giraffe. Then they can use brown paint and forks to make the giraffe’s markings.

The children can make a snake out of a paper plate: 1st draw a line that goes around and around from the edge to the middle and stops. 2nd: If your children are ready, have them cut on the line (this may be tricky!! lots of curves). 3rd: Sponge paint with brown and green.

To make a simple lion, use a large paper plate (cheap kind) and provide lots of brown, yellow, and orange yarn (cut into 2 inch strips). The children can color the lions face, and then glue the yarn all around the edge to make a furry face!