Worm Songs

Herman the Worm
Sitting on a fencepost,
Chewing my bubblegum,
Playing with my yo-yo,
Along came Herman the Worm,
and he was this big.
I said, “Herman, what’s the matter?”
“I ate a car.”

Repeat, and the 2nd time he ate a truck; 3rd time: a bus; 4th time: a train.
Each time, the children hold their hands out farther than the time before.
The 5th time they show Herman’s size, it should be very small, and when they ask, “Herman, what’s the matter?”, Herman answers, “I burped!”

The littlest worm I ever saw got stuck inside my soda straw, He said to me don’t take a sip for if u do I’ll surely flip. I took a sip he must have drowned, and that’s the end of the littlest worm i ever saw( REPEAT)

This is a echo song

The silliest Worm

The silliest worm (echo)
I ever saw (echo)
Was stuck inside (echo)
My soda straw (echo)

*repeat entire verse as a group
He said to me (echo)
Don’t take a sip (echo)
For if you do (echo)
You’re sure to flip (echo)

*repeat once as an entire group
I took a sip (echo)
and he went down (echo)
down through my pipes (echo)
He must have drowned (echo)

*repeat once as a group
He was my pal (echo) (using crying voice)
He was my friend (echo ” “)
But now he’s gone (echo “”)
Bit now he’s gone (echo “”)
and that’s the end (Echo “”)

*repeat the whole verse in crying voice with entire group

I’m a Little Worm

(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little look at me,
Wiggling around because I’m free,
I make flowers pretty for you to see,
Because I like to make people happy

* sing this in the way you would tease someone. and I broght it gummy worms when i taught the children about worms. fun activity. You can observe emotional emotions of the child when you sing it. Have fun*

Nobody likes me,
everybody hates me.
I think I’ll eat some worms
Big fat juicy ones,
long thin slimy ones
Itsy bitsy fussy little worms
First you bite the heads off
then you suck the guts out
See how they wiggle and squirm
Big fat juicy ones,
Long thin slimy ones
Itsy bitsy fussy little worms YUM YUM !!

Sitting on a fence post
Chewing on my bubble gum, Yum Yum
Playing with my Yo-Yo, Whew Whew
When Along came Herman the worm
And he was this big (use hands to show his size)
And I said Herman, What happened?
I ate my dinner.

Repeat for lunch and dinner and make Herman bigger each time.