Worm Games

When I was in college I came up with this little poem with a couple of extensions.

Wiggly wiggly wiggly worm

He ate and ate and ate some more

He ate right through an apple core.

After the children are familiar with the poem. Go around and use a child’s name for the first “Wiggly” (ie.”Kevin wiggly wiggly worm”) and then have each child substitute there favorite food for the words “apple core”.

I also made a flannel board in the shape of a food pyramid. After familiarizing the children with the different food groups I brought out some food pieces that could be put on the flannel board. I used the first variation of the poem and then would give each child the chance to pick a food from the flannel pieces. The child would then put the piece in the appropriate food group (sometimes with a little help).

I’ve done this with 2 different groups of 3-5 year olds and they both LOVED it!