Worm Art

Attach a piece of thick lace or wool to a clothes peg. Have Children drag the lace through brown paint holding the clothes peg to form worm tracks.

We had the children use brown crepe paper to make streamer worms. We then went outside and played worm tag. The child who was it was the robin and he needed to try to catch all the worms. (Similar to flag football). Once all the worms were gone then we started all over. The 3’s really enjoyed this.

Art: Worm painting. Use shoe strings, plastic worms or yarn dipped in paint to wiggle around on paper to make worm art.

Children paint the bottom half of a blue sheet of paper brown (put the paper up and down) or glue a brown piece of paper on the bottom. Then have the children fringe a strip of grass and glue where the brown and blue meet. Provide gummy worms for the children to glue on the brown area and extra for them to eat. The kids love to see the blue sky, grass, and worms that are underground!

I purchased a package of worms in the sporting goods department at Wal-mart. I put some on the art table and let the my threes paint with them. I had enough left over to give each child one to put in a Ziploc bag to take home which they also named.

Then in group time we took our worms and played Hap Palmer’s “Walter the Waltzing Worm” song. It is so precious and they loved it.

They still have their worms that they named and took home.

Use cooked spaghetti that can be colored with liquid watercolor. Can be picked up with tweezers to improved small motor skills and put on paper. There is enough starch in the cooked spaghetti to not need glue.