Winter Animal Snacks

Winter Animals Curriculum

Polar Bear Paw Prints

Material Needed: Pear Halves, Sliced bananas, vanilla yogurt, shredded coconut, Small paper plate

Place pear half cut side up on plate, have children use fingers/spoon to cover pear with vanilla yogurt. Place 3 round slices of bananas at top of pear (to resemble a paw print). Again cover banana with yogurt. Sprinkle shredded coconut around paw print on the plate and there is your Polar Bear Paw Print. Yum-yum!!

Make a “cottage cheese” polar bear snack! Let the kids build their own snack with an ice cream scoop and a melon baller. Scoop a ball of cottage cheese for the head. Use the melon baller or smaller scoop for the ears. Then add black olives, or raisins, etc for the face…maybe a pineapple bowtie! Have fun!