Winter Animal Art

Polar Bear Art

Material Needed: White Construction Paper, pastel colored chalk, white paint, old toothbrush

Children begin by rubbing white paper with colored chalk (rub, not draw) fill the entire page. After the page is filled with color, take a tissue/paper towel and smear the colors so it is a very soft effect. Then have child glue on a polar bear shape. It should be just white with no added decorations. Then have child dip toothbrush in white paint and use fingers to splatter paint on to the colored paper and polar bear. The children might need help with this part depending on their age or motor skill development. This is a fun and simple art activity that ends up looking very beautiful.

Animal Tracks in the Snow: Have children make a fist. Paint child’s fist at the bottom. Child then makes prints on white paper (snow). Next, children dips finger tips in paint to add to top of fist prints. It will look like paw prints or tracks in the snow.

I cut out 4 or 5 winter animal shapes (polar bear, arctic fox, snow bunny etc.) placed the cutouts on blue construction paper and had the children splatter paint white paint over the cutouts. This left the outlines of the winter animals, surrounded by snow. My 2’s and 3’s loved this activity.

Art project

Cut out large polar bears and provide the children with white cotton balls and glue. Have them glue the cotton balls onto their bear and add a wiggly eye.