What Is HighScope?

Are art and music important parts of High/Scope programs?

Art and music are part of every day’s activities in High/Scope programs. Art and music materials are available for children to use freely at work time in most High/Scope classrooms. Many of the small-group experiences planned by High/Scope teachers involve art materials; large-group experiences usually involve music. Adults use High/Scope’s key experiences in creative representation and music to highlight ways they can support the important abilities children are developing in these areas.

Are computers a part of High/Scope preschool classrooms?

Computers are a recommended, but not required, part of High/Scope preschool programs. High/Scope teachers are trained to select high-quality software that is appropriate for the preschool age group, to arrange computer equipment so that it is inviting and freely accessible to children, and to integrate the use of computers into the regular daily routine.

What is the relationship of High/Scope to Head Start?

High/Scope has played an important role in the national Head Start program. The High/Scope approach is used in many Head Start centers, and High/Scope has provided training, on a contractual basis, to many Head Start teachers, teacher-trainers, and administrators. High/Scope has been involved in several research studies evaluating various aspects of Head Start. High/Scope has also been a dedicated supporter of the national Head Start program, often providing information and testimony advocating the continuation of the program. Nevertheless, despite this close relationship, High/Scope as an organization is not a part of the National Head Start program. High/Scope’s well-known Perry Preschool Project, which is often mistakenly described as a study of Head Start, did not occur in a Head Start program.

What does research show about the effectiveness of the preschool approach?

The effectiveness of the High/Scope preschool approach has been documented in three decades of research. For more information on these studies go to High/Scope Research.