Weather Snacks

Have the children spread fluff onto a piece of bread to create a cloud sandwich.

We did a unit on The Colors of the Rainbow. For part of our cooking lesson each day we made Jell-O. On the first day, we made red Jell-O and each child poured some Jell-O liquid in a clear, plastic cup. The next day, we added orange and every day, we just added the next color of the rainbow. Finally, on Friday we were able to eat our yummy, Jell-O rainbow. White whipped cream tasted great on top!

A fun and healthy snack to make dealing with the weather would be rice cake suns. First give each child a rice cake and a dish of yellow tinted cream cheese. Have the children use plastic knives to spread their cream cheese on the rice cakes. then provide each child with some pretzel sticks (small skinny ones) and have them make their sunbeams! very fun and yummy too!!

Eating a rainbow Make layers of Jell-O in a 9×13 dish. Try to use the colors of the rainbow r,o,y,g, blue&purple are as close as you’ll get. Let each layer set before adding the next layer. When Jell-O is set slice and serve with a cloud of whipped cream.

Eat A Cloud!!!

Purchase or make meringue drop cookies. They look exactly like clouds!!! I have seen them at Costco and Trader Joes.