Weather Games

A sun game could be flashlight tag. Turn out the lights in the room, give one child the flashlight to be used as the sun, the child who has the flashlight is “it”, have the children hide. The child who is “it” has to try to find the other children with the flashlight. If the flashlight or sun hits you. you’re “it”.

After discussing the wind and clouds, using white pom-poms or cotton balls and straws, have the children see who’s “wind” can blow their “cloud” past the finish line first or see who can blow it the farthest.

Tape a long piece of wax paper on a table. Draw a start line at one end and a finish line at the other. Place 2 drops of water at the start line. Using straws have 2 children blow each drop of water across the wax paper to the finish line.

Windy Weather Catch: Use a hair dryer to blow a small scarf, tissue (Kleenex) or tissue paper up in the air. Let the children try to catch it as it floats down.