Weather Art

Make basic cloud with cotton balls on paper, then glue various color blue streamers as rain to it. Easy and nice

For our weather bulletin board we made cloud shapes and then finger painted them gray. Then we added some silver glitter. We put those on the top, then made finger painted umbrellas for under the clouds. We put mud puddles (brown construction paper or painted brown) and little ducks in the puddles at the bottom. It was too cute for words.

First read to the kids the book It Looks Like Spilled Milk. Then give each child a piece of dark blue construction paper. On the construction paper put a blob Of white paint on the center of the paper; then fold the paper; then open up the paper; and inside will be a design. Ask each child what his or her design looks like. You will get some very interesting answers.

Mix paint to a thin consistency and pour into glue bottles or other containers which have a small hole and can be squeezed by the child. Cover the wall and surrounding area with newspaper. Lay the child’s paper on the table. Demonstrate the blow-dryer by blowing leaves or paper across the table on the low setting. Switch to high and drip paint in front of the “wind”. It is fun to watch the wind blow the paint across the page. The resulting pictures are beautiful to look at and stimulate lots of conversation.

Our class loves to make windsocks. We take colored sandwich bags and let each child choose a color. Then they cut the bottoms off of the bag. Then the children decorate the bags with markers, sequins, buttons, etc. After their bag is decorated, two holes are punched in the tops and yarn or string is placed in the holes to make a hanger for the windsock. Then have the children glue, staple, or tape streamers to the opposite end of their windsock. When it is all dry, you can hang them in your room or outside your class window so the children can watch their windsocks blow in the breeze.

Simple Clouds:

Cut a cloud shape from white card, then cover with glue. Stick on pieces of white cotton wool. Makes lovely fluffy clouds.

Wind chimes. Take purple strips of construction paper. have the children sponge paint it, After it dries staple it together and glue on different colored streamers. When you hang these outside the children love to see their artwork, blowing in the wind!

During our weather theme I played a section of my rainforest CD in which we could hear a rain storm. It starts off with just a pitter patter of rain and leads to thunder and a down pour of rain. While we listened to this I gave the children a piece of paper and markers and they drew weather pictures. We talked a lot about what we were hearing and drawing throughout this activity. I must admit that I wasn’t sure how this activity would go over with my group, but they really surprised me! There was a lot of enthusiasm and lots of questions. They’re pictures were quite incredible!