Watermelon Art

We made watermelon windsocks. I gave them pink or red construction paper and then let the paint green on it and they added black seeds with black beans or you could use raisins, black paint, pom poms, puffy paint or how about black glue? They were really pretty!

I cut out white poster board that would be stapled as a cone shaped hat when stapled. Before stapling them, I let the kids decorate them to resemble a watermelon. They used pink red and green paint or markers and then they used black construction paper for the seeds…they cam out very interesting!

I had each child bring in an old white t-shirt. I let the kids paint watermelons on their shirts…however they wanted to. We used fabric glue to glue on black small pom poms to look like seeds and then when they were dry I wrote on them with a laundry marker (or if you wanted to create an iron on or you could paint it on as well) I wrote “I’m one in a “melon”! ” The parents loved them!

I let the kids put watermelons seeds inside of 2 paper plates stapled together. They painted them with watermelon colors (we used pink red and green and black) and they painted the outside of them…when dry they had “musical” watermelons!

I cut large green watermelon shapes out and then a bit smaller ones out of white and let the kids paint with watermelon color (I mixed red and pink together and it was a pretty color)…then they glued on raisins for the seeds.

For a scent-sational art project mix watermelon flavored Jell-O with red or pink paint and have the children use it to paint a picture of a watermelon.

Cut out half a circle of green, white and red construction paper (note: make white half circle a little smaller then the green, and the red a little smaller then the white.) Glue the green and white pieces together, then glue the red on top of the white. Have the children do this, then glue watermelon seeds on the red paper.