Vegetable Art

I cut out large shapes of carrots (2 for each child. They stapled them (or you can) and stuffed them with newspaper, stapled shut and then painted them orange. Once they were dry they cut up scrap green construction paper and glued to the top…they really were cute!

“Peas in a pod” Cut out 5 large pods, out of green construction paper,14″ piece of crepe paper and a good amount of 2″squares of green tissue paper. Talk about how peas grow and demonstrate using the 14″ strip glue the strip on the paper and arrange the pods on the strip with glue scrunch up the tissue squares in the shape of a little ball and have the children put the peas in the pods. The children loved the craft and each child put a different amount of peas in the pod. We planted peas and read stories about peas and sang ” Oats Peas, Beans and Barley Grow”.

Corn on the Cob painting: Roll corn on the cob in paint, then roll on paper. Makes a really neat design.

Veggie Tales

Make veggie tale people using real veggies, (Tom the tomato, Larry the cucumber, etc.) Add wiggly eyes, yarn for hair add a mouth, and ribbons to dress them up. When finished put on a puppet show!

Cut a potato or cucumber in half. Cut a design on raw side, like a star, triangle or whatever. Children can dip in paint and stamp on paper. Also use asparagus as paintbrushes, broccoli can be dipped in paint and brushed on paper. Try using celery or carrots too! Makes interesting designs. Use different colors to make it. fun.