Valentine’s Day Curriculum

Who has my heart?? Cut out several hearts using red, pink and purple construction paper. Cut them in half, varying the cut (zig zag, curvy, etc…)Scatter them on the floor and have the kids pick out a half and then try to find its mate. You can do this relay style too. Start each kid off with a half in their hand. Create 2 teams and let kids relay to find their match. first team to get all their matches wins.

This craft makes a great gift for teachers or parents. Items needed: “red” potpourri, large heart shaped cookie cutter, white school glue, wax paper & large bowl. Mix potpourri and glue together in a bowl. Make sure it is covered well with glue.(The glue dries clear.) Fill in cookie cutter with Potpourri and glue mixture on wax paper. Lift off cookie cutter and glue a pretty ribbon on top to make a hanger. When dry you have a beautifully scented heart. It really is super easy!!

During the month of February, we begin studying fractions. We learn about equal parts, a whole, and a half. One thing we do is a two-colored heart. The children trace a large heart shaped pattern and cut it out. They then choose two differents colors of construction paper. They fill one-half of thone-half with torn bits of one color and the other half with torn bits from the second color. Then we glue the heart onto a piece of manila paper and label. example- 1/2 red 1/2 pink

Valentine Game, similar to Doggie, Doggie, Where is your Bone? One child sits in a chair facing away from the rest of the group with his/her eyes closed. Teacher hands a decorated heart to a child in the group who then places in under the chair as quiet as can be and returns to his/her place in the group. Child in chair opens his/her eyes and turns around to face group. Teacher says “Can you guess who was so kind to leave you this pretty Valentine? Child then has 3 guesses. ( We request that they ask their guesses using their classmates names to reinforce classmate name recognition.)

This is a Valentine Math idea. Buy each child in your class a small package of valentine conversation hearts. First, have the students shake and guess how many hearts are in their box. Next, have them open and compare the actual number to their guess. Then, have them do the following activities with their hearts: sort by color, sort by message, sort by number of words in the message, graph color vs. number, message vs. number, etc., compare number of candies in each box among students identify the color/message with the most/least, complete math problems (i.e. purple + orange, etc.), identify favorite color and message, identify flavor of candies by tasting at the end! Yum!

I am a special educator and have done this activity with my middle school aged kids with moderate – intensive challenges for the past few years. Not only is it a good math activity, but it helps children work on fine motor skills, communication skills and problem solving skills as well!