Valentine’s Day Curriculum

I had my health/nutrition and Valentine’s themes mixed into one great bulletin board. I gave out to each child a big heart cut-out and an index card. Their homework was to put on the heart things that made them happy. (pictures of family, foods they liked, etc.) In the index card the parents were to write their recipe and ingredients for a Happy Heart. I then put in the middle of my Bulletin Board a giant heart with the words: The beginning of wellness is a Happy Heart. I then put everyone’s heart cut outs and recipes all around this heart. The results were not only great but emotional, I even cried when I saw one of the recipes: “A little of God’s love, Hugs and Kisses from Mom , mix it in with a great teacher and friends and you’ll have a happy heart” Most of them were very original and emotional. Great way to start a theme on Wellness!

My Valentine Buddy

I teach Head Start and an after school care program for 5-8 yr. olds. They love this activity. Cut out one large red heart and a purple one of the same size. Connect them point to point. Red on top as the head and purple on bottom as the body. Cut out 2 small pink hearts and glue on the red large heart as eyes. Then a purple heart of the same size for the nose. Cut out a wide pink heart for the lips and glue it on as well (it is fun to see the way the children fix the faces). Then cut 4 strips of black paper and fold them in a fan fashion. Glue these on as arms and legs. Cut red hearts out to go on the tip of the arms and legs for hands and feet.

Have each child dictate his/her favorite recipe and copy in the exact words used. Include ingredients used, steps to make it, temperature to cook it on, how long, etc. Then have each child illustrate how to make the food and what the finished product looks like. Reproduce enough for each child in the class and make a cover with “Recipes From Our Hearts” written around a heart. Have each child sign his/her name on the heart and also on the recipe. This make a great Valentine or Mother’s Day gift.

Books for Valentine Themes:

Valentine Mice by Bethany Roberts

My Love For You by Susan L. Roth

Bunny My Honey by Anita Jeram

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

If You Love A Bear by Piers Harper

Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathan London

I Love You, Little One by Nancy Tafuri

Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse

These books are available through Scholastic book club or check your local library.

Don’t “Hog” All the Hugs, There Are Plenty For Everyone!

Have your children paint both a large and small paper plate pink. After the plates are dry, glue the plates together with a little bit overlapping. Give the children 1/4 piece of pink paper and 1/2 piece black paper. Tell them to cut 2 triangles and a circle out of the pink paper. This will be the ears and the nose of the pigs. Have them fold their black paper in half and then half again and cut a “W” shape. When they have cut that they will have four pig feet. Then have them cut two small black circles for the nose. Glue on wiggly eyes and draw a mouth. Give them 1/2 of a pink pipe cleaner and show them how to curl it around a pencil. Tape it on as the tail.

Have your children make heart valentines to place around the pigs for a really cute Valentine bulletin board!