Valentine’s Day Curriculum

For Valentines Day I get the children to make their own Valentines Day cards to give to anyone they want. The children can make them for their parents, relatives, siblings, or other friends in the class and sometimes they make them for me. I trace a big red heart on a piece of red paper and the children cut it out or sometimes if they are having trouble especially with the younger ones I help them cut. Then they tell you what they want it to say. Then you copy it down for them and they copy it onto the heart. With the school age they can write most of it themselves but you can help with it if needed. Then they can decorate it any way they want to. They can color, cut and paste, glitter, draw, stickers or anything else they can think of. Then it is done.

Valentine Theme: Make a pattern of a chocolate kiss candy and wrap w/ tinfoil. Make enough for every child. Take white tissue paper and write the child’s name on it and glue on the kiss. You or the children can cut out small hearts of pink, white and/or red to put around the kisses. Title: ________(Teacher’s name) Favorite Sweets.


You will need: White construction paper, Red construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, pencil, masking tape, smooth wall, and a light source (lamp, overhead projector, etc.)

Directions: 1. Use masking tape to affix White construction paper onto a smooth wall. 2. Turn on light source. 3. Place child in front of white construction paper facing sideways so that their profile creates a shadow that will fit onto white construction paper. Depending on the size of the child’s profile you might have to move the light source closer or further back to make it fit on to the white construction paper. 4. Once established, trace the child’s profile with a a pencil. 5. Re-trace in black marker. Remove from wall. 6. Cut out white construction paper profile with scissors. 7. Glue profile onto Red construction paper and write the child’s name, age, and date on it. And there you have a personal silhouette of your child! Note: You can have your child stand or sit (be sure to provide a chair) inside a large box or a wardrobe box while posing for their profile. You can use this for anytime of the year too. Traditionally, silhouettes are traced on Black Construction paper (with white chalk) with a White Construction paper background.

Every Valentine’s Day my three-year-old class has a Friendship Tea Party. We dress up like our parents and send out formal invitations to our families. This teaches the children that Valentine’s Day is a special day that we spend with our friends doing special things. I will not lie, this is a BIG project! The parents bring the refreshments and the room will be crowded BUT it is something the children will remember. W also sing a special friendship song to set it all off!! You can check our pictures at then click on “hot news”

This year, for Valentine’s Day, I turned my bulletin board into a candy shop. Any colors will do for the background and the border. On the bottom half of it, I made the outline of shelves with strips of inch-wide black paper, angling them for a 3-D effect. Then, I drew the top half of the body of my store clerk, Mr. (or Mrs. Agape. I put him up on the top half, so that it looked like he was standing behind the counter. Then I filled the shelves with heart-shaped jar pictures, photocopied onto white paper and then cut out. Each student had a jar with his/her name on it. For the next few weeks, if the kids were caught in a random act of kindness/love, they were rewarded with a heart-shaped sticker to put on their jar. I wrote what they did on the heart so that they looked like those conversation heart candies. (Ex: shared) The caption on the board said “God’s Love Fills Our Hearts.” It was rewarding to see them become conscious of their actions towards others. Plus, they got to take their jars home to share with parents!