Valentine’s Day Curriculum

How about mailing those special valentines to parents, grandparents etc. Send pre-addressed, stamped cards in a large envelope along with a note requesting a decorative postmark to Postmaster, Valentines, TX 79854 or another town with names like Loveland, Colorado, or Valentines, Virginia. They will postmark mark them and forward them to the addressed recipients.

Have child roll a die(dice). Then have them count out that many conversation hearts. They eat one & share the rest with friends. We did this at circle time & it sure held their attention. You could adapt this to many areas.

How many kisses can you hold in your hand?

I have a bowl with a bag of Hershey’s kisses emptied into it and each child estimates how many they can hold in one hand. Then they reach into the bowl and actually grab a handful. Then we count how many they could really hold. The estimates get better as we go around the circle. Then we finish by drawing around and cutting out our hand and stamping the number of kisses we could actually hold. (I bought stamps that look like lips kissing at Michaels craft stores.)

I put Valentine candy hearts into our sensory table. The kids loved not only pouring, scooping, sorting and measuring, they loved identifying the letters and words on the hearts.

Play a counting and sorting game with conversation heart candies. Try sequencing by making patterns of colors. Divide the candies by telling children , in turn, to take one pink candy, or two purple candies, etc.