Valentine’s Day Curriculum

Valentine for the Birds

Let your slices of bread dry. Then use a hear shape cookie cutter to cut the dry bread. Brush on egg whites then sprinkle on birdseed. Tie a ribbon to hang your treat on the tree.

A valentine for your feathered friends.

This game is played like Duck, Duck, Goose.

Put a heart or a valentine card in a small basket with a handle.

Have the children sit in a circle.

The child who is “it” holds the basket and walks around the circle while the group sings this song:

“A tisket, a tasket, I have a little basket.

I made my friend a Valentine and on the way I dropped it.

(At this point in the song, the child that is “it”, drops the valentine in the lap of the child closest to him or her. As with duck, duck, goose, that child stands up and chases “it” around the circle and back to “it’s” seat.) Meanwhile, the rest of the group continues the song as follows:

I dropped it, I dropped it, on the way I dropped it.

I made my friend a Valentine and on the way I dropped it.

Continue to play until everyone has turn being “it.”

We tie Valentine’s Day in with our Community Helper’s Month. Each child makes a Valentine postcard to be mailed to their parents. Then we take a field trip to the Post Office where we buy stamps and each child gets to mail his Valentine. Then we get our behind the scenes tour of the post office from the postmaster to see how their Valentine’s will get from the post office to their houses.

I work at a daycare and my 1-year-olds can’t really get involved in the bb. I took all their pictures and glued them different construction paper sweets (popsicle, bag of sugar, sucker, etc.) I glued each child’s picture on the sweets. I also bought a bag of assort. candy and went to the gas station and got small bags of sugar and hot glued them onto the board. It was Titled “We’re sweet as…” It is very cute and different!

“Match the hearts” For every two children in my story time group, I cut a large heart from a variety of colors of construction paper. I then cut each in half, using different cuts(ie. wavy, jagged, squared off angles, etc) I mix these up, have each child choose one and then walk around and find who has the other half of their heart.