Valentine’s Day Curriculum

Heart Matching Game

Materials: Red posterboard, different colors of construction paper, clear contact paper

Cut a large heart out of the red posterboard. Divide the heart cut-out into 9 sections (like a tic-tac-toe board). Cut 9 hearts, each out of different colors of construction paper. Glue 9 of the hearts into the 9 sections of the posterboard heart. Cover with clear contact paper. Cut out more hearts to match on the posterboard heart. For durability, cover each of the hearts with clear contact paper. Have the children match the hearts.

Valentine Box Toss

Materials: A big heart shaped box (the kind candy comes in), playdough hearts that the children have made.

Make your favorite playdough recipe. Have the children use cookie cutters to make heart shapes out of the playdough. Let the heart shapes dry completely. Spray the heart shapes with clear lacquer (this strengthens the shapes). Once the hearts are dry, place the candy box on a carpeted area in your classroom. Have the children toss the hearts into the candy box.