Valentine’s Day Curriculum

To make delivering their own Valentine cards easier, I made copies of each child’s photograph and glued to the front of their Valentine sack. Each child’s name was also printed on the sack and some could match the printed name on their card.

Incorporate the post office unit with Valentine’s day unit: save junk mail from student’s homes, staff, etc to be used by students at the post office center. Rubber stamps, recycled envelopes, a scale, pens, pencils, lick on stickers from clearing house mailings can be props for this center.

I use an old Valentine candy box to create a counting/number matching game in our math center. In each compartment of the box, I glue a number. Then I have laminated heart shapes with corresponding number or dots to place in the matching compartment.

Valentines is a perfect time to write “love letters”. I write the words “I Love You” on the board or a large piece of paper and put it so the children can see it while they write their “letters”. I provide envelopes and stamps (usually Christmas seals or others I have saved.) They address their letter and take it to our pretend post office to be delivered by the “postman” to each child’s cubby.

My sorority sisters and I used to do this for our sisterhood nights once a semester. It’s called the “WEB OF LOVE”.