Valentine’s Day Curriculum

Valentine necklace. I’ve actually bought cheap clear plastic table cloths. I then cut hearts out of them(about hand size). Then I put two together and hole punched them around the edges. After that, have kids sew them together with red, pink, or white yarn/string(you can get the sparkly red shoelace looking string, it looks really nice). Have them leave an opening at the top. Inside they can stuff a variety of things into the heart. We used shredded red and pink paper, conversation hearts, valentine candies, etc. Be creative! Then, finish sewing it up, and leave extra string to make a necklace. Kids love wearing these! And, you can have them make them for Valentine’s Day for their party. You can even write their names on the front of the hearts! great project!

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to introduce some science: the heart and what it does/how it works.

Have the children find their own hearts and practice feeling their own hearts beat. Let them count the beats if they can. Then explore how the heart works when we are sitting quietly or jumping around. Some words to introduce (depending on the ages/abilities of the children) are pulse, circulation, blood vessels, etc.

Make posters of the children by having them lie on butcher paper and tracing their outlines. Then let them draw and color their own hearts on their outlines. Post these around the room if possible.

Have fun!

I make red hearts out of posterboard and then buy stickers and make a Bingo game out of them and then you show each sticker to the children and then children use candy for the markers. When everyone fills their cards they yell “Happy Valentine’s” and then they get a prize and they get to eat their candy!!

Our preschoolers will be visiting a nursing home for Valentine’s Day. The children have been bringing stuffed animals from home (ones that can be parted with) and we will be writing stories that the children dictate to us about their animal. We will take our animals, along with the stories (most of how much this stuffed animal was loved) with us on our visit. There we can leave something soft and warm and filled with love for our “special Grandmas and Grandpas”. We will also be doing a fingerplay or two!

Valentine’s Day Limbo

Wrap a pole in red paper. Place paper arrowhead at one end. Kids limbo to avoid this Cupids arrow. When they go out, they must say something nice about kid in front of them. I give stickers to them when they are out.