Valentine’s Day Curriculum

For A Valentine’s science idea I bought some white carnations and mixed up a lot of red food coloring and water. Then you cut the stem to fit in your vase and then cut a vertical X in the base of the stem and place the flowers in the red water. The next day it will already be turning a light red color and will keep changing. On the day of our Valentine’s party we put the flowes on our lunch tables. The children were very excited to see that the flowers had changed colors!!!

I had the opportunity to student teach in a pre-k and kindergarden class. I made them a game that even to this day they enjoy playing! I cut out ten heart about 3 inches wide and tall. I lamenated them to prevent them from tearing. I bought different kinds of sickers and put different pairs on the pack of the hearts. (One sticker per heart!) The kids had fun flipping the hearts over and trying to find the match.

Matching Valentines Cards…we always use left over store bought valentine cards for a matching game. My kids love to match up the cards. Just glue one set inside a folder and have the kids match up the other set of cards to the cards on the folder. Stickers work well too.

Valentine Cards This is an idea I read about, take an empty Valentine candy box, the ones with the candy hearts that have sayings on them and cut out the front of the box. Take a picture of your students. Place the picture behind the large see through heart from the box. It becomes a wonderful frame. Then glue the “framed picture” onto a piece of card stock and you have a wonderful card for parents or grandparents!!! Or you can make it into a picture frame for a Valentines present!


I cut out hearts in red, pink, and white. I gave each child 2 of each color. I drew a line through the middle of a light purple piece of construction paper and had the children line the hearts in a row. Next, they glued on 2 eyes and then 2 black antennas made from black construction paper. What a cute Valentine’s catterpiller they made!

Everyone has around the house those little cardboard jewelry boxes.Find one(or more) and cover the bottom and lid with pink or red paper. Then using white poster board, cut out 2 hearts of the same size…big enough to overlap the box. Glue one heart to the top and one to the bottom(so they are even). After it dries, decorate with colored contruction paper,doilies,beads, paints or whatever…even a picture! Then you just lift the lid and tuck in a surprise!! Makes a fast, easy gift for Valentine’s Day!