Valentine’s Day Curriculum

We always plan communication week the week before Valentine’s day. We make sure we have everyone’s address then each of the children make a valentine and we take a field trip to the post office and put them in the mailbox. Since we can’t always take a trip, we have sometimes put the letters in our class mailbox then I contact the post office to have the carrier come into the preschool to pick up the letters. They see them go out then in a few days they get to see them come to their houses!

At our church, we played a game of “warm fuzzies” at our Valentine’s Day banquet. As each person came in, they were given a “warm fuzzy”. This can be any small fuzzy item. We made ours using a store-bought pom-pom, glued it to a self-adhesive foam heart (for the feet), and glued on googly eyes. When it was announced, everyone had to trade their fuzzy with someone else, but it couldn’t be traded with anyone that you came with. We also had a dot on the bottom of one fuzzy. That person won a box of candy. It was a fun ice-breaker, and got everyone talking to each other.

Cut out different size hearts and color and add a different number to each one. Lay them on the floor and have the children toss bean bags on the hearts and call out the number it lands on. We have a bean bag that looks like a mouse. This really helps with number recognition.

Have the kids write their name on a piece of paper and put all their names into a paper bag. Have one kid at a time pick out a name. and whatever name they get they have to say something nice about that person.

Cut out and laminate a large heart. Cut in half with zig-zag scissors. On one side write # 1-5 and on the other side put dots 1-5. Have the children match the hearts.

With younger children or children working on fine motor skills this is a great activity. Mix candy hearts in a large bowl with dry rice, blindfold the child if appropriate, and have them reach into the bowl to find the candy hearts. You can give them a time in which to find them, and whoever finds the most is the winner, or give them a number of hearts to find to work on counting skills.