Valentine’s Day Crafts

cut out a heart-shaped pattern out of contact paper, get assorted colors of tissue paper in colors pink, white, and red. Cut up in circles or squares and let child collage heart. Trace the child’s hand on construction paper put their name, age, school name, and date on it. Place the handprint in the middle take another piece heart shaped contact paper and place it on top. Take a hole puncher and punch holes along the edges, get the ribbon and weave it through the holes leave enough ribbon for the parent to be able to hang it on the wall and they have a keepsake and a gift to remember!

Get a piece of contact paper cut it in squares, get several wildflowers that your students can look for together. Press the flowers and let them dry out, let the child pick out flowers and stick them on to the contact paper cover it with another piece. Decorate the edges with strips of construction paper and hang them in the window. You have a stained glass made of flowers! The children really enjoy this activity.

You take a 6×6 ceramic wall tile (you can usually get them donated through a home repair store) Paint the child’s hand with the color that they had picked out, place on the tile, write the child’s name at the bottom. After 24 hours, put a sealer on it. You can give this away for X-mas, Valentines, Mother’s day, or just because….. It makes a wonderful hot pad.

Take some red felt and cut out two identical hearts. Sew together with gold thread leaving an opening at the top. Let child decorate with puffy paint, glitter, bows, fake jewels, write their name, etc. Let dry and then fill with favorite Valentine candies. This can be made for parents, grandparents, friends, or themselves.

Pre-preschool craft- Collect enough small sized baby food jars (the tall sizes don’t work well) and have the children paint the outside of the jars with glue. Once they have glued the jar have them tear up pink, red, and white tissue paper in small pieces to place onto the glue. Once they have covered the jar take a thin coat of watered down glue and use a paintbrush to make sure that all of the tissue paper is wet. Let the jars sit for a day then place a votive candle inside. You can precut heart shapes out of the tissue paper for a special look but the kids really love to tear apart the paper themselves.

A Big Kiss! Collect small plastic water bottles and keep the caps. Cut the top (about one-third of the way) off. Have the children help you wrap the bottle with aluminum foil leaving a “twist” at the top. Put a slip of paper out of the top, then put the cap on it and cover it with the foil. Have the children put x’s and o’s (XOXOXO) with a red marker. I also give out kisses with them and they love it.

Cut out heart shapes in different sizes and colors. On white construction paper trace the child’s hand and put a large heading at the top – A HANDFUL OF HEARTS FOR YOU. The child then glues on the hearts shapes you have cut out.( wherever they want) We have either used this idea as a card for the parents or we send the cards to our local Veteran’s Hospital. Our elementary school visits the Veterans Hospital each year on Valentines Day so it is easy for our preschool classes to send a special Valentine to a vet.

Stain glass hearts

Materials needed *Red and pink Construction paper *Clear Contact cover *Tissue paper white, pink and red, cut into small squares, about an inch or two *Scissors *masking tape *hole punch * yarn or string for hanging

Cut out heart shapes ( 6 to 10 inches) of construction paper. Cut two pieces of contact cover for each heart,(same size as the construction heart) Next cut the middle of the construction paper heart out leaving a frame with about an inch or two wide. Take off the paper of one of the contact cover hearts and lay it on the table sticky side up, then lay one of the construction paper cutouts on the contact cover, Tape down the heart to the table with a few piece of tape is the heart stays on the table when the child put the tissue onto the contact paper or the contact cover will stick to the children’s hands. Let the children fill the middle of the heart with tissue paper pieces. When they are done take the other contact cover and put it on top of the heart with tissue paper. Make a hole on top of the heart with a hole punch, add string and hang from window or ceiling. Looks really cool with a lot of hearts.

You can use colored Cellophane wrap along with the tissue paper or by itself. Also, the children can sprinkle glitter or glitter confetti hearts.

Valentine Party Hats:

Cut a potato in half. Press a heart-shaped cookie cutter into the potato. Cut around the cookie-cutter line, leaving a raised heart.

Provide students with three-inch-wide bands of white construction paper. Put a thin layer of red tempera paint on a paper plate. Demonstrate how to stamp the potato in the paint and then onto the headbands. Let students stamp hearts on their bands. When dry, write students names and staple headbands to fit.

Valentine Letterbox Cover each side of a tissue box (4 1/4 by 5 1/4 inches) with colored paper. Do not paper over the top opening. Decorate with Valentine symbols cut from paper or fabric. Glue a paper doily around the top opening so children can use the box to store valentines. Valentine Animals When this art project is finished, your bulletin board will have a menagerie of heart-warming and lovable animals. Begin by having children cut out many, many hearts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then students arrange and rearrange them to make their creations. They can use hearts of many colors and draw in some of their animals’ features. When satisfied with their finished animals, students glue or tape the hearts together to make them permanent. Display animals on a bulletin board covered with white paper and trimmed with red rickrack.