Valentine’s Day Crafts

This is an idea that can be used throughout the year. Have the children print using cookie cutters (the plastic ones work the best) and tempera paint. You can do this every month and the children never seem to get tired of it! I like to use a variety of colors and papers; for example, pink, red, purple paints with heart cookie cutters on white paper. They look beautiful!

To make a Valentines Card for mom and dad cut out two large hearts and staple the top of the hearts together. On the front of the Card write the words “I love you…”. On the inside of the card write the words “This Much!!!”. Trace around the children’s hands-on construction paper and cut out. Glue each hand onto the end of a 1X7 inch strip of paper and staple the strips onto each side of the heart. Fold hands inward so that they are inside the card. Let children decorate the cards.


*Cut a large heart template out of cardboard or tag board, have the children trace and cut the color construction paper of their choice
*have the children then trace and cut their own hands out of any paper (skin tone is really neat)
*have the children glue the hand on the heart, gluing the middle finger and ring finger to the palm
You now have a heart that says “I Love You” in sign language.

Heart Collage
Provide a cardboard/tag board heart for the children to trace onto construction paper (color is their choice) and then they cut it out. Then provide them with small hearts that are already cut out (Ellison 1″ is nice) and lots of glue!

Valentine Sacks

Buy (or ask a parent to donate) white bakery sacks and then provide the children with lots of hearts and ribbons to glue. Perfect Sacks for the Valentine Party

Valentine Sweetheart Sweatshirts/T-Shirts: Materials Needed: White sweatshirt/T-shirt, fabric paint, sponges cut into heart shapes, black fabric pen, wax paper. Put a piece of wax paper between shirt/sweatshirt. Dampen sponges with water. Allow children to dip sponges into paint and sponge paint several hearts on their shirts. When paint is dry, using fabric pen write sayings such as: “I’m cute” , “I’m sweet”, “Luv Me”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Hug Me”, etc., We do these every year at our arts & crafts class for the children at our Family Resource Center.

Secret message hearts: Cut heart shapes out of white paper plates. Write (pressing very hard) with a white crayon some messages… Be mine, Love ya, etc. Have the children paint over the hearts with watercolors and discover your secret message to them!

My preschoolers are SO INTO Pokemon! Anyway, knowing that they are by no means unique, I was trying to think of how to tie in Pokemon with Valentines Day. I think it’s a fun way to keep a remembrance of what fad was in when they were 4 & 5 years of age.

I came up with two Date: 1-25-00s for Valentine’s Day Mailboxes. Both are fairly simple, and just duplicating a Pokeball for them to decorate with hearts. idea #1: Use the harder Chinet type paper plates, each child gets 1 & 1/2. Paint what would be the undersides of the plates 1/2 of the whole one red, and the 1/2 one red also. Insides of the plates together, staple together, so that you have a pocket for their Valentines to go into. But way before that, paint, or glue, a black stripe all around the half of the ‘mailbox’. At the center of your mailbox on the 1/2 plate you could glue on that little circle, is it gray? On the inside of the whole plate facing you, you could have them decorate with Valentine stickers or lacy valentine cut-outs. Does that make sense? It’s like the Valentine decorations are the inside of the Pokeball 🙂

The other is simply a large milk carton cut down and painted or covered with red paper. Cut two tag board circles and paint them like Pokeballs and glue them to the two opposite sides of the milk carton.