Valentine’s Day Crafts

For our February hall bulletin board, I had each of the children paint two large pre-cut hearts red or dark pink, then when they were dry I stapled them together, stuffed with tissue paper before sealing them. Then the class used heart-shaped cookie cutters to print a variety of heart sizes and colors on a piece of white bull. board paper to fit our board. When dry, the paper was put up, the 3-d hearts were added, and I added the caption “Jesus Loves Me” in red fun foam letters. Our “song of the month” for February is “Jesus Loves Me”. If you teach in a public setting, you could change the caption to something like Valentine Friends.

(Puffy Hearts) mix together Elmer’s glue, shaving cream and red tempera paint let children fingerpaint then cut out heart shapes and you have pretty puffy hearts.

Cut out different sized hearts out of different colored paper. Use one large heart for a head and smaller hearts for ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. See what different kinds of animals the children can come up with. We have been able to make mice and cats by adding fishing string for whiskers. Elephants can be made by adding an accordion strip of paper with a heart on the end of the trunk.

Valentine card.. Cut a heart shape out of sandpaper. Let the child cut out a slightly smaller heart shape out of red paper. Glue on top the sandpaper heart. Glue a cotton ball on top of the red heart. The saying?…”I may be a little rough around the edges, but I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for you!

Heart Mini-mobiles

For each child: TP roll paint (pink, purple, red, fuchsia) heart sequins regular sequins heart stickers small paper hearts in above colors 6-inch strips of above colors in tissue paper

Have children paint their tp rolls, let dry. Decorate with the sequins/stickers/paper, etc. Glue the tissue paper strips from one end of the tp roll all around the tp roll. Punch two holes on the other end to hang in the window!

Stained Glass Spring Valentines

For each child: Hollowed out construction paper heart in pink, purple, or red (I cut mine out with decorative edged scissors), sheet of wax paper to go underneath it, white glue, and many 1 inch squares of pink, white, red, fuchsia, and LIME GREEN tissue paper.

Procedure: With the heart on the waxed paper, squiggle glue all over the center, make sure the glue also touches the inside border of your hollowed out heart. Cover all the glue with the tissue paper squares! Let dry overnight. In the a.m., carefully peel away from the waxed paper and hang in your window 🙂 Beautiful! The green adds something springy to the look 🙂

Spin Art Heart

For each child: 1 white construction paper heart cut out with decorative-edged scissors to fit inside a salad spinner. Tempera paint of your choice. I used fuchsia pink, purple, and red, and white. Pink glitter (optional like the deco.edged scissors)

Procedure: Place the heart in the salad spinner and let the children tell you which paint they want dropped on the heart and in which order. You can get some ordinal order practice in with questions of which color do you want first, second, third, and last? Put the lid on, hold on and let the child spin! When you take off the lid, let them sprinkle on the glitter.

We used these for a church banner and added a background color like a frame around each heart. I also put a picture of each child inside the spin art heart losing much of the effect, but their 2nd heart they made is on the classroom bb without pictures.

Cut hearts out of red, pink, fuchsia pink, & purple tissue paper. You will also need VANO liquid starch and a 9×12 piece of white construction paper for each child.

Simply have them ‘paint’ the paper with the VANO starch. Then they place the tissue paper hearts at random and overlapping on the paper. Let dry. Teacher cuts around the edges of the hearts from right to left, and then glue it on a complimentary 9×12 background construction paper… black looks very striking 🙂

Cut many tissue paper hearts in 3D colors.

Have children ‘paint’ their 9×12 white piece of construction paper with vinegar! (AAAhhhh, the sensory of smell experience!) Then they place the tissue paper hearts on top of the vinegar random and overlapping one another. Let dry. When dry the tissue paper hearts will easily peel off leaving the color print behind 🙂

Easy craft for the 3-year-olds!

We made a garland of “love bugs” to hang in our classroom. The kids glued two tissue paper hearts together, so that was one right side up, the other upside down. We then glued these to old-style clothespins painted red, white, or pink, and added “wiggly eyes” and pipe cleaner antennas!

Provide children with red, pink blue construction paper. Depending on their developmental stage either cut out hearts for them or allow them to cut hearts that you have already drawn. Allow children to use these shapes to make valentines heart animals. EX: mouse, or cat. When hearts have been glued together or another color of construction paper then allow the children to color or decorate using crayons, markers, glitter lace ribbons. etc. This can be done with different shapes for other occasions Ex. eggs for Easter you could make bunnies.

We go to the post office right before Valentine’s day and the children mail their parents a special Valentine. We have the children put their hands in white paint and then print them on red construction paper. The hands are cut out and then they attach a poem to the back and a hole is punched in each paper hand. We then measure the length of their hugs with yarn (cut) and attach both hands at each end of the yarn. The poem is: A Valentine Hug to You Wrap these hands around you whenever I’m away so you can have a hug from me any time of day!

This is a keeper for parents.

Very cute Valentine. Cut out two hearts for each child. On the front of the first one, write “Guess how much I love you?”. On the second heart write “This much!”. Use butcher paper cut into 4 inch wide strips. Using the paper strip measure the child’s fingertip to fingertip with arms stretched to the sides. Using the paper the length of the child’s arm, fold accordion style. Glue one heart on the front and one at the back.

We made collage hearts that turned out great. I sent home Ziploc bags for the children to find things to glue to their heart. They brought back wrapping paper, material, lace, beads, even a dryer sheet! We shared all the items, and the children glued them on to pre-made hearts on construction paper. It was really neat to see their creativity in these.

Use your children’s own hands to make a heart. Paint one hand with the thumb tucked in against the index finger. Working upside down, print that hand letting the heel of the hand be the upper lobe of the heart and the fingertips the point. Then paint the other hand and print it the same way, overlapping the fingertips slightly. I’ve used this on a sheet preprinted with a poem to use as a gift for valentines or mother’s day. One class made me a tote with all of their “love” on it!