Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine’s Day Crafts and art projects for preschool through second grade.

“Love Potion” Fill plastic water bottles or pop bottles with water, add food coloring to turn the water pink. Then have the child add glitter, foam hearts, beads, or even pink straw pieces. Glue lids closed. Then decorate outside of the bottle with heart stickers and write “Love Potion” on it. Then give it to someone you love!

For a Great Gift for Valentine’s day. Take a small terra cotta pot. Have children sponge paint with red and white paint. When dry add valentines Hershey kisses. Glue a big red construction paper heart to a large popsicle stick (Tongue depressor size). Have the child put a message on it. Then insert in the center of kisses. Wrap with red or pink cellophane and add a pretty bow just below the heart. The kids will love to share their kisses!!

Purchase 4-inch terracotta pots. Have children sponge paint hearts on them. Let dry. Glue on heart beads, etc. all over the pot. Fill the pot with sand, stick in a candle, and sprinkle pretty glitter on it. Makes a lovely gift for moms!

Make a pin using the safe edged metal top of a frozen juice can. Pour glue inside the lid and provide kids with small craft supplies (beads, sequins, confetti, etc.) to press into the glue. Once dried, add a pin to the back. If you do not have jewelry pins, glue a circle of felt to the back and insert a safety pin. This also makes a nice magnet.

Make heart wands. Cut a 3-4 inch heart from colored construction paper. Tape or glue the heart to a craft stick. Decorate the heart with glitter glue, confetti, sequins, wads of tissue paper, etc. (I like to use paper confetti instead of glitter with my 2-3 year olds, since glitter can pose an eye hazard if the kids rub their eyes.)

Valentine Snow Globes,

You will need a small jar, (baby food jars work great) per child as well as flowers, small heart shaped beads and other trinkets. Also glue and glitter.

Have the children glue flowers or trinkets to the jar let dry then fill with water and add small amount of glitter, you can glue the lid on with the contact cement as well. This works great for older children and is a gift that parents can use as a paper weight. You can use this for any time of year as well.

Valentine Marble Painting

Use a heart candy box bottom, cut paper to fit inside the box, dip marbles into pink and red paint. Drop marble into the box and let the child twist and turn the box. Add snowflake glitter. They are really beautiful. And the kids love to do it.

Valentine Day postcard!

Cut out red construction paper in the size of a standard postcard. Allow the kids to decorate one side using crayons, paints, and pre-cut hearts in white, pink and red. One the back of the construction paper glue a plain piece on white paper. Draw a line down the middle with a heart felt verse on the left side and the address of who you would like to send it to. Stick a stamp on and toss it in the mail! I have a daycare in my home and we sent one to all of the parents at their place of work. The parents loved it, even the Dads!! Great for Grandparents and Auntie’s and Uncle’s too!

A simple gift – I cut a heart shape from sturdy poster-board or card stock, about 2 inches wide and tall. The kids brush on lots of school glue, and then sprinkle red and purple heart sequins until the heart is covered. The glue dries clear and on the back, I glue a pinback. Send home for Mom, if she can get it away from my proud 3 year olds!

For Valentines BB: Make a very large heart out of white paper, add the children’s painted handprints all over the heart. Add border around the outside of the heart to look like lace and add the title “Helping Hands Make Happy Hearts”.