Valentine’s Day Crafts

The best Valentine mailbox we have found is to cover cereal boxes with construction paper. Cut off top flaps. Have the kids decorate with stickers, lace, ribbon etc. Attach strings to make a backpack.

It is easy for kids to deliver their valentines and we have had students wear their backpacks for weeks after the holiday.

Take 3 construction paper hearts (large size) have each child decorate all three differently with sequins, paint, stickers, etc.

Staple all three together at sides to make a hanging basket. Poke holes and hang up.. Such fun too!

Cut out big hearts out of construction paper. Put all the hearts at your parents sign-in sheet or where the parents can find them. Have the parents decorate the hearts or write poems on them. Make a Valentine box so the parents can drop them off and on Valentine’s day deliver the Valentines to each child. My kids and my parents loved this idea.

A great way to decorate your room for Valentine’s Day is to blow up a balloon for each child in your class. (Make sure this activity is appropriate for your age group) I had two children doing this activity at a time. You give the two children the blown up balloon. I gave them white, purple and red paint to use. They painted the balloons and when they were done we sprinkled red and white glitter on them. The children had a blast and the room looked great! It’s also a good fine motor activity.

Ahead of time, I prepared a dotted outline of a flower pot for the children to trace and color in. Then I purchased a stalk of celery. I then cut off the bottom portion of the celery and placed a rubber band around the stalk of celery to keep it together. If you look at where you cut the celery you will see a rose pattern. We then dip the cut end of the celery into the red or pink paint and placed it above the dotted flower pot and there is a rose for mom. Have the children add a stem to complete the project.

Purchase Valentine cupcake liners, and have the children glue several to a piece of construction paper, then have them glue a pink or red pom pom into the middle. Have them then draw stems and leaves from each one to the bottom of the paper. Add the saying “Love is in Bloom”

Have the Children sponge paint hearts on a piece of construction paper, and when they are dry have them take a green marker or crayon and draw stems and leaves from the hearts. On the top of the paper, add the saying “My Love for you just grows and grows”


Instead of having the child sit still while you trace their profile, I found this works much easier. Take a picture of the child’s profile with a digital camera. Print out the picture the size you like and paper clip it to black construction paper. You can easily cut around the profile and there you have it. We made Valentine’s cards. We cut out the silhouettes and placed them on an 8 inch heart doily and glued it to a large piece of red construction paper. Inside the card I wrote “I am in the DARK without you.” Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I had the children decorate the inside of the card with stickers, stamps….

What a keepsake.

Cut out a heart from butcher paper and hang up. On one half write Hugs and on the other half write Kisses. Ask the children what they would rather receive from you; a hug or a kiss. Tally their responses in the appropriate section. When you’re all done have them line up for their Hug or Kiss. They now learn that you will be giving them a Hershey’s Hug or a Hershey’s Kiss, not a real one!

Heart Rainbow-Cut a medium sized heart out of white construction paper. Fold the heart in half. Open heart. Let children choose 3 different colors to paint one side of the heart. Close heart again and let child rub up and down. This will mix the colors making a heart rainbow! This can also be done with butterflies.