Valentine’s Day Crafts

Scented Valentine’s Day Heart Card

Materials needed:

8 1/2″ x 11″ red construction paper


strawberry or cherry Jello


1 piece of white construction paper

tempra or washable paint


Cut a large heart out of red paper

cut a slightly smaller heart out of white construction paper dip your child’s hands in paint and press onto white paper before letting it dry, sprinkle some jello to “scent” the card Glue dry white paper to red paper and fold down the middle write a poem or happy Valentine’s Day on outside of card

Kids love doing this and teachers, caregivers this is a very easy craft

Sweeter than Candy Frames!

purchase small boxes of conversation hearts and remove all the candies. glue inside the heart plastic window a picture of each child and then attach a magnet on the back of the box… glue the candy hearts along the edges and its a sweet reminder to every parent that their child loves them! great for younger children!

valentine sweethearts

you’ll need:

sweetheart (conversation hearts) box (1 per child) photo of each child magnetic tape(opt)

we make these every year with all of our classes. we take pictures of each child in front of a valentine background (decorated butcher paper). after you pour out the candy hearts, tape the child’s picture in the “frame”. we usually make magnets out of these. very easy and very cute!

*Valentine tot, take two small pieces of poster board punch holes along both sides and bottom of poster board.

With yarn let children sew the two pieces of poster board together. Allow children to decorate both sides of tot with glitter, sponge painting, stickers, markers or whatever they want. After the tot has dried take a piece of yarn about two inches long, loop it and staple the ends to the inside of the tot. On the other side take a brad hook and push it through the poster board. To keep it closed the children can loop the yarn to the brad. This is a great way for the children to carry their Valentines home.

Valentine Candy Necklaces

You will need some red or pink saran wrap, red ribbon and a bag of conversation hearts. Cut saran wrap into about 18inch x 3-inch pieces. Put a conversation heart every couple inches down the strip of Saran wrap… then fold wrap over covering the candy ..before and after each candy heart… tie a bow using the ribbon. This keeps the conversation hearts in little-sealed sections and makes the cutest valentine necklace! Adults like them too!

Take a picture of each child blowing a kiss (only take a picture of their mouth) and then display them in the classroom. Have the parents try to figure out who’s blowing the kisses at them!

I cut red posterboard in a 2-inch

circle. Cut another circle slightly smaller out of white paper (it looks nice if you cut using special scissors that make scalloped edges). Glue white paper to red posterboard so that the red shows around the edge.

Press each child’s thumb in red ink

(stamp pad) and make a heart in the center of the white paper by crossing two thumbprints. Write a message around the edge. (ie. Be my valentine, love Hannah, etc.

Laminate and put a magnet on back.

(the thin flat ones work best)

Parents LOVE these!

You will need poster board, or cardboard cut into an 8×10. Foil (the long rolls (or wide) then pull a piece off and scrunch up. Now get a picture you like from a coloring book and get saran wrap and put it over the top. Use Dry Erase or Sharpies and outline the image in black. Now have the kids color in with the Sharpies or Dry Erase (or any permanent marker). Put the foil on the 8×10 and wrap around to the back. Now put your Saran wrap on top. The kids just love how it looks and turns out really wonderful – they kept asking me before they knew how to make how I drew it! The more colors you use the better it turns out. Conversational hearts would work great – but the saying will be backwards when you turn your Saran wrap onto the foil.

Print on red or pink paper the saying “Have you hugged & kissed your child today” (make it the size of a credit card or business card) then put stickers or draw a hershy hug & kiss on it and then contact , put a piece magnet on back of it for parents to put on fridge and also send home some hugs & kisses with the magnet.

Simple and Cute art…Take a red piece of construction paper and cut out a heart. Take a brown piece of paper and cut out a small set of eyes and a small nose. Take a pink piece of construction paper and cut out two medium size circles, and then get out purple pipe cleaners. This is were the kids come in, have each child take a heart, two eyes, a nose and a pipe cleaner and two circles, after they have taken each item then give them a stick of glue to make a mouse! Place the two circles like ears a little bit before the point of the heart they should look like ears, then the eyes in between the ears, then the nose at the point of the heart, and then the pipe cleaner, you should bend it to any shape and glue to the back of the heart…and there you have it a cute little valentine mouse! I hope you can figure it out…its very cute!!!! Enjoy…. and you may have to move things are to figure it out.