Valentine’s Day Crafts

Friendship Shirts For Valentines Day

Have children bring in a white t-shirt. Using fabric paint make a big heart on each one and then have each child in the class dip their finger in the paint and make a fingerprint on the shirt. Write (print )their name next to the print, and continue until all have done it. Teachers can do this too!

Heart necklaces

Since I teach toddlers, it must be very simple. I usually cut out two sizes of hearts, in pink, red and white. I punch a hole in the middle with a hole punch first. Then I let them string the necklaces with yarn (using masking tape on one end to make it easier to string.)

Heart Rubbings

Cut heart shapes out of different grains of sandpaper. Tape the hearts to your art table. Let the children place a piece of paper over the hearts and make a rubbing with crayons.

Heart Prints

Cut heart shapes out of sponges. Add heart shaped cookie cutters, tempera paint, and paper. Let the children dip the sponges and cookie cutters into the paint to make prints on the paper.

Valentine Mail

Make your mailboxes, we do ours using shoeboxes wrapped in aluminum foil (no gluing!), decorated with stickers and labels with the kids names or signs (I make the labels by the page on my computer, each kid has a page for when we do activities, they just find their name, pull and stick). Leave them in a “Post Office” area of the room, let the children take a “mailbag” with “mail/valentine’s” and practice the song: “I wrote a letter to a friend and on the way I lost it…have another child “find” the letter and put it in the mailbox. When addressing Valentine’s we use labels again, I give each child a sheet with all their friend’s names and signs (High Scope) and they pull off and attach to the envelopes, then match and mail.

Have the child trace their hand, with all finger spread open. The child will then cut out the hand, glue it onto a heart and bend the two middle fingers down making the American Sign Language sign for “I love you”. The child can then glue that onto a large heart that is hanging in the hall or make a Valentine card.

Valentine “Kisses” Paper

Check with parents first to be sure child is not allergic or sensitive to cosmetics. Using lipstick, pink and red, we take Q-tips and paint each child’s lips. Let them “kiss” white butcher paper strips all over to make designs. Lightly spray with fixative (such as Krylon) when done so that the lipstick doesn’t smear.

Valentine Flowers

Using muffin tin liners that have Valentine designs, red, pink, white pipe cleaners, have children pinch and twist the bottom of the liner and attach a pipe cleaner to it by wrapping around the pinched end. Add green construction paper leaves to the pipe cleaner stems. These can be made into bouquets, corsages or boutonniere’s, depending on what the child wants. If you make the bouquet use green tissue paper to wrap it and some heart garland to tie it off.

Heart People

Give each child a tray with an assortment of hearts of different sizes and color. Use both positive and negative pieces if using Ellison die cuts. We also put out hearts to trace and hearts already traced on the different colors for the children who can and want to cut on their own. Include pipe cleaners (arms & legs), yarn (hair) and wiggly eyes (be sure these are appropriate for the age of children). The children then create people using these materials. My Assistant and I make people along with the children, talking about where will we put our eyes, mouth, or “look what does this person need?? Arms, legs, can you help me??”, etc. This helps the children by modeling and encouraging language, yet doesn’t make them create it just like ours. Let them “name” their “loved one” and then string the people up and let them dance around the room.

Lovebug Craft

For Valentine’s day I have kindergarten trace 4 small red hearts, 1 small pink heart, and 1 large red heart. Also, I have 4 long strips of red paper for each student.

We carefully cut out all our hearts.

We crinkle (accordion fold) the strips of paper.

Then each small red heart is glued to the paper strips for hands and feet. Each strip is then glued to the large red heart for arms and legs. The pink heart is glued to the large red heart for a nose. Eyes are drawn by hand. for the mouth we use red glitter and glue.

When it is all finished we have our lovebugs to take home.

Heart Necklaces

Buy some heart shaped pasta. I normally can find this at Trader Joes or at a “specialty” grocery store. Have the children string the hearts on yarn to make really cool necklaces. You can also add some other “Valentine colored” pasta for more pizzaz!