Valentine’s Day Crafts

Children are always surprised to see how a heart shape can be created from a folded piece of paper. I make a stencil of half a heart and show children how to place it on the fold of a sheet of construction paper and trace it. They love to see the heart that they created when they cut and unfold their drawing.

I let the children fingerpaint on a tray with red and white paint.

When they are done I put a piece of paper towel or construction paper on the tray and let the children gently rub to transfer the paint to the paper (towel).

You (or the children) can cut the paper into a heart shape before or after putting it on the tray.

Cut out a heart on white construction paper. They have the children take pieces of colored tissue paper and spread the tissue paper all over and covering the heart. Once that is done let them paint the tissue paper onto the heart using only water. Set aside and let tissue paper dry. Once the paper is dry, kids can peel it off and have a tye-dye heart.

Last year, my preschoolers made valentine gifts for their parents that were a combination of several of the ideas I saw posted here. The children glued small scraps of pink, red, & white crape paper used (cleaned!) ice cream cups. We then traced their hands on red construction paper, cut out the hand, then glued the two middle fingers down to the hand said “I love you” in sign language. We glued the hand onto the decorated ice cream cup. We then wrapped some Hershey Kisses & Hershey Hugs in some red tissue paper and placed it in the decorated ice cream cup. The parents love it!

Valentine Present For Mom and Dad– Pot-o-kisses


Small clay pots ( You can buy various sizes at craft stores)

Sponges cut into shapes

Several bags of Hershey’s Kisses

Colored Saranwrap

Have the children sponge paint on their pot. Let dry. Let the children fill their pots with the kisses. Wrap the pot up with colored Saranwrap and tie with ribbon. Enjoy!!!

Corn Syrup Hearts

Cut two large hearts out of wax paper for each child. Make corn syrup paint by mixing food coloring into corn syrup. Give the children OLD paintbrushes (this is very sticky) and have them paint one of the hearts. When they are done painting, have then children put the other heart on top of their painted heart. Let dry for a couple of days and then hang in the window.

Valentine Memory Books

For Valentine’s, have the children make memory books. Give them a book with about 12 blank pages in it. Have them paste their Valentine’s in the book. Have them decorate their books with markers, crayons, collage materials, etc.

Love Book

As a small group activity, my class thinks of someone that they love. We draw these people on large sheets of construction paper. I hole punch the artwork and make a cover with the title “Our Love Book” and assemble the children’s’ artwork into a book that is placed in the book area. The kids love seeing their art in a book!

Valentine Gift for Mom

Have the kids make a Valentine gift for mom by using an 8 oz clear plastic cup. Use watered down glue to attach pieces of red, pink, and white tissue paper on the outside of the cup. Put in a tea light and you have a candle votive.

Grate red, purple, and pink crayons into small pieces. Cut heart shapes from waxed paper. Place crayon shavings on one heart shape and place another heart shape over the crayon shavings. Gently place a warm iron over the top until the crayons have melted together. This makes a beautiful sun catcher.