Valentine’s Day Crafts

teacher cuts out tissue paper hearts of different colors. Children cut out a Large White heart. I fold the paper and draw the heart shape on the paper for kids to cut. Children wet the white paper with water then place the hearts on the paper. Then with a paint brush wet the tissue hearts. Allow the hearts to dry then remove tissue.

“Thumb-ody Loves You”

I found a great art activity in Mailbox this past year & tried it out, it was so GREAT! To make a thumbprint hearts arrangement, cut various sizes of heart shapes from white or pink construction paper (or both like I did). Use red tempera paint, decorate the hearts with thumbprints. Set the hearts aside to dry. Personalize and write “Thumb-ody Loves You!” on a 4 1/2 x 8 1/2 piece of white paper (at the bottom write childs name). Tape the paper around a clean 12-ounce juice can. Glue a painted heart to the front of the can; then glue the remaining hearts to craft sticks. Press a small amount of clay into the bottom of the decorated can (or plaster of Paris-like I did) then tuck a section of red or valentine’s day tissue paper into the can. Insert the sticks through the paper into the clay or into the plaster. (I used 5 craft sticks-2 in the front of the can with small hearts, 2 right behind them with 2 bigger hearts & one in the back with the biggest heart. I hope it makes as big a hit in your classroom as it did in mine. Thanks to Mailbox.

I let the children fingerpaint on a tray with red and white paint.

When they are done I put a piece of paper towel or construction paper on the tray and gently rub to transfer the paint to the paper (towel).

You (or the child) can cut the paper into a heart shape before or after putting it on the tray.

For Valentine’s card (or you could do this for Mother’s Day), we cut hearts out of pink paper. Then we let the kids glue on a doily over most of the heart. They used colored pink glue and spread that over the doily with popsicle sticks. Then they glued on potpourri (roses scented) on a doily. We punched a hole in the top and put a pink ribbon through the top. The mom’s loved it!

P.S. Make sure the kids do not put potpourri in their mouths. The room sure smelled good after this activity!

Valentine Friendship Necklace


candy kisses

clear cling wrap

red, white or/and pink curly ribbon.

Place the cling wrap into a rectangle piece. Have the child place the kisses on the bottom leaving a small space in between. Then roll the wrap tightly around, starting at the bottom and working towards the top. When you are finished the kisses should be in the wrap all rolled, like a snake. The child then ties the curly ribbon between each piece of candy. I encourage my kindergarteners to use patterns. When finished we trade with a friend!

I put a white piece of bulletin board paper up. Each child chooses either red or pink to paint their hands. They put their handprints on the paper. Then I write their name under it. We add the saying – “A Show of Hands …. We LOVE Jesus!! We usually put the saying on two red hearts. Then we add heart border.

For Valentine’s keepsake, I had my students make a clay dough heart-shaped necklace. Here’s the recipe for the clay dough:

3 c. flour

1 c. salt

1 c. water

1/2 c. oil

red food coloring

Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Children can shape their playdough using cookie cutters. Bake the clay dough at 225 degrees for 2 hours, rotating during and after baking them. I shellaced the hearts when they were done so the children will be able to keep them for a long time.

Using an empty heart-shaped candy box, cut white construction paper hearts the same size as the inside of the box. Students place one of the paper hearts in the box along with marbles dipped in red and pink paint. Close the box and roll the marbles around for a pretty Valentine.

This is a great idea for the 4-5 year-olds. It includes practice on fine motor skills and following directions, as well as allowing for free art expression using a variety of different materials.


You’ll need: large heart shapes cut from construction paper or card stock


hole punch

newspaper or paper towels

markers and/or crayons

scissors and glue sticks

lace, doilies, valentines, other paper items for decorating

1. For each child, punch holes all around the edges of two identical heart shapes. (I tried letting my kids punch the holes, but it was a bit difficult.)

2. Allow each child to decorate the two heart shapes with provided art supplies.

3. When decorated, have the children “sew” through the holes until they are almost all the way around. Leave room enough to “stuff” before finishing the sewing.

4. Stuff paper inside the heart to give it a puffy appearance.

5. Have the children finish their “sewing” and help them tie off.

6. Presto! Pretty stuffed heart pillow!!

(Note: This activity can be used with many themes; just change the shape of the pillow to something relevant to what you are studying!)

Valentine Gift For Mom and Dad

Cut out a red heart from heavy construction paper and a smaller one from a paper lace doily. Take a picture of the child with their arms spread out wide. Glue the photo on the lace heart doily and the doily onto the red heart. Put the words” I Love you this much” below and you have a cute Valentine card straight from the heart.