Valentine’s Day Crafts

Heart Pin Use the following recipe for playdough to make a heart shaped pin. Make the dough – then shape into hearts. Before the heart is dry press pins into the back of hearts. When the heart is completely dry, paint with Valentine colors. Playdough – 1 cup flour –1 cup warm water –2 teaspoons cream of tartar –1 teaspoon oil –1 cup salt –Red Food coloring Mix all ingredients, adding food coloring last. Stir over medium heat until smooth. Remove from the pan and knead until blended smooth. Leftovers can be placed in an airtight container when cooled. Will last for a long time.

Valentine Holder 1 and 1/2 Styrofoam plate (for each child) , Stapler, Hole Punch, Colored Yarn, Kids Plastic Sewing Needle Turn ¸ plate upside down on the full plate. Staple in 2 – 3 spots around the edge to keep it from slipping. Hole punch through both plates all around the sides the 2 plates touch. Show them how to sew their plates together and then decorate with stickers or whatever. Hang them up with ribbon and use them as mailboxes.

Valentines Day windsock I take white tag board and cut it with specialty scissors into 6″ x 15″ rectangles. The children glue precut hearts of various colors in any design/pattern they want to all over the rectangle. Next, I give the children 8 strips of tissue paper, 4 red and 4 pink cut 1 1/2″ x 12″. The children glue the tissue paper strips along the bottom edge of the white tagboard ( on the back side). I then staple the tagboard into a tube for the children and punch a hole on two sides of the tube at the top so the children can put a piece of red yarn through to hang their windsocks. Depending on the ability of my class, I sometimes have the children glue a colored paper heart at the bottom of the tissue paper strip and then have them write a letter on each heart to spell out “I love you”

Valentine’s Buddy Cut one large heart from red or pink construction paper for the body. Trace the child’s hands on another color and cut them out, paste them on the sides of the heart for the buddy’s hands. Trace the children’s feet on black construction paper, cut them out. Cut two strips of white construction paper for the legs about 1″ wide and 12″ long, accordion fold them. Attach one end of the leg to the heart body and the other end to the foot, doing the same for both legs. Glue wiggle eyes and a pom pom nose, draw a mouth. For added decoration, you can glue on small hearts.

Valentine’s Day noise maker For Valentine’s Day…..Cut out paper hearts and glue them to small paper plates. Staple the plates together leaving an opening to put popcorn or dry beans inside, then staple it all up and have the kids shake away!! Singing a Valentine song. children love to dance and make noise!!! Lots of fun!!!

Heart Flowers Cut out hearts (either red or pink) for the flower. Cut out two smaller green hearts for leaves. Glue flower to the top of the Popsicle stick and the leaves to the middle of the stick. Draw a face on the flower and give as a gift to your friend or parent!

Lace Heart You need a piece of moldable, but kind of stiff wire, and twice the length of a “thread-able” lace (lace that has a seam tape binding, like most eyelet laces). “Thread” the wire through the lace and wrap the wire ends together. Mold the wire into a heart shape. Add ribbons, bows, or other appropriate decorations.

Buy wooden hearts at a craft store..glue on pin backs- give the children assorted buttons to glue on the heart…add some seed pearls and some gold glitter and you have a wonderful gift for Mom. Spray painting the wood gold beforehand makes it look super…A friend and I have been doing these for years and have our neck of the woods all decorated for Valentines Day.

I provide childcare for children under the age of 2. We finger painted in cool-whip tinted pink with food color. I first masking taped down some wax paper for their area and then dolloped down large spoonfuls for each. they LOVED it!!!


Depending on the number of children will depend on how much cinnamon and applesauce you will need. I have never measured the amounts. You have to go by feel. I use one large jar of applesauce (smooth kind) and a large quantity of cinnamon. I bought 1 lb. containers of cinnamon at Sam’s Club (less$). You, the adult may want to try this on your own first. Put some applesauce and quite a bit more cinnamon in a large bowl. Stir with a wooden spoon. The mixture comes out like a clay.You use a lot of the cinnamon. You want to make sure the dough or clay is not too dry. It should be moist similar to playdough. When you have the desired amount mixed, remove it from the bowl and knead until smooth. The children like doing this. Then, with wooden rollers, roll the clay out to about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. With heart cookie cutters, cut out hearts. Using a straw, punch a hole in the heart under the section where the heart comes together far enough from the edges. On trays or cardboard, place hearts to dry. Have the child’s name by their heart. This activity takes a few days because of the drying time. Turn the hearts over the next day, letting the children do their own. Let them dry for another day. When they are dry, have the child write with white, pink or red craft paint (with help) mom or whatever they want. Let the paint dry. Then put a piece of thin ribbon, white, pink or red through the hole and tie it. It smells wonderful and mom can hang it in her closet or wherever she wants. These can break, but I’ve been doing this in several classes and never had a child’s break. You can make a few extra, just in case. I used this for 4 and 5 yr. olds. It may seem complex, but it isn’t really and it’s very different. Hands may feel a little dry after kneading the dough. of cinnamon to a little applesauce.