Valentine’s Day Crafts

Valentine Crown Cut a slit across the middle of a paper plate. Starting about 1 inch inside the outer rim and stopping about an inch inside the rim on the opposite side of the plate. Starting in the center of the plate, cut four more slits to create six pie-shaped sections. Fold the sections up to make a crown. Paint the plate red on both sides and let it dry. Decorate the crown by gluing conversation hearts or stickers on each point.

Valentine Puppet Cut two hearts the same size from red construction paper. Make them bigger than your hand. Cut four 1-inch hearts from the red paper for the puppets hands and feet. Cut 4 rubber bands so that they form long elastic strings. Glue the rubber bands to the sides and bottom of one of the large hearts to form the arms and legs of the puppet. Glue the tops of the two large hearts together with the ends of the rubber bands between them. Leave the bottom part open to slip your hand in. Glue a small heart to the end of each elastic arm and leg. This happy heart puppet loves to swing its arms and legs around.

Valentine Mouse Fold a piece of red construction paper and cut a half heart about 3 1/2 inches high on the fold. Leave the heart folded to form the body of the mouse. Cut a smaller heart from the red paper for the head of the mouse. Cut a slit about halfway up from the point of the heart. Wrap two sides of the slit around to form a cone nose and staple them in place. Use a black marker to draw eyes and a nose. Staple the head to the pointed end of the heart body. Staple the rounded end of the body so that it forms a pocket. Cut a tiny heart from red paper. Write PULL on the heart and glue it to the stick end of the lollipop. Cut a heart from the pink paper to cover the lollipop. Write your Valentine message on this heart and glue it over the wrapper. Tuck the lollipop into the body of the mouse so that the stick end is sticking out to form the tail of the mouse. Make a mouse for each of your friends.

Playing Card Valentine Man For each favor you will need a heart playing card for the front and an extra card to use as the back. Only the back of this card will show. Cut arms and legs from red pipe cleaners. Hold them in place by stapling them between the two playing cards. Cut a heart-shaped head from red construction paper and draw on a face with a black marker. Staple the head to the top of the card man. Cut a smaller heart and write the name of the friend you are giving the favor to on the heart. Poke it onto one of pipe cleaner hands. Wrap the other arm around a lollipop. Bend the bottom of the pipe cleaner legs to form feet. With a little bending and arranging of the legs, these figures will stand up if you wish to use them as table favors at a party.

Valentine’s (playing) Cards Got an old deck of cards? Pull out all the heart cards and poke holes in appropriate places for arms and legs…push some red pipe cleaners through the holes for arms and legs. Paste a cut-out valentine on for a head and decorate with eyes and mouth. Have the ‘hand’ hold a lollipop…and pass to a favorite friend for a special Valentine. You can try to get the cards to stand up!!!!

House of Hug Banner
Create a big hug made from butcher paper. Trace the hand of one of the kids and attach to the sides of the banner. Use a paper Plate to create a head for the top of the middle of the banner. Write the following heading across the banner. Mom and dad, can you guess Who it is that loves you best? I’ll give you three guesses, 1, 2, 3. There! I knew you’d think of me!! Hugs from me just for you Hugs to keep you from feelin’ blue Hug around the neck, hugs from me to you Hugging my parents, to say “I love you!”

Heart Rubbings Cut out different sizes of hearts from sandpaper. Tape hearts to table and lay a sheet of white typing paper over them. Use the side of a crayon to lightly rub over hearts, making a pattern on paper.

Stuffed Heart Draw a large heart on construction paper. Cut out and staple all around, leaving a small opening. Let kids decorate their hearts with finger-painting, markers, or other smaller hearts from construction paper. After drying, stuff with crumpled newspaper. Staple opening shut. Cut long pieces of pink or red crepe paper streamers and, making a tail, staple to the bottom point of the heart.

Flowery Valentine Cut heart with the top on the fold so the card will open for inside message. Cover front with flowers cut from seed catalogs, magazines, or gift wrap. Overlap so that no background shows. Paste on letters naming recipient.

Heart Puzzle Cut a large heart from red or pink tagboard. Cut into several pieces, Have kids put their puzzle together. After they are done playing you can have them make a card out of the puzzle pieces. You can use a phrase like, You’ll break my heart, (on the front) if you won’t be my Valentine (on the inside).”