Valentine’s Day Art

Use four tongue depressors to make a square frame. Give each student 12 large conversation hearts and have them glue them to their frame. Take a picture of each student. Have kids mount their picture on a piece of red/pink paper. Now glue the mounted pic to the back edge of the frame. It really makes for a cute gift.
My mom suggested putting clear nail polish over the hearts to make them last longer. I haven’t done it this way yet and mine have held up very well, so far with the exception of having to reapply a heart every once in a while.

love bug:

you need pre-cut hearts, glue, Google eye’s.

Have the children glue as many hearts as they want together and then apply your Google eye’s let it dry and now you have your bug!

Use either pink or red paint. Have children make paint handprints on a piece of construction paper. After its dry draw stems with a green marker. It makes a cute vase of flowers!

I help each child make a sweet treat by cutting a long peice of saran wrap and laying it on the table. I give the child four kinds of candy to place on the saran wrap, spaced out. Then I roll up the wrap to make a straight line. Next I tie red yarn or ribbon around the wrap in the spaces to hold items in place. When it is finished I tape the sweet treat necklace to fit the child’s neck. I write the child’s name on the necklace and they can wear their candy necklace home!

Title the bulletin board ” Love is in the air”

Have children color (pre-made or photo copied) pictures of hot air balloons, airplanes, jets, helicopters etc. –take each childs picture and paste onto their flying machines! this makes for a very cute bulletin board!

Children can make their own “I Love You” cards. Trace child’s hand onto red construction paper. Cut it out and fold down the middle two fingers. What’s left is the sign for “I love you” in sign language. Write the child’s name or message on the “palm” of the hand — the recipient must lift the “fingers” to read the message. Very cute and can be used with a sign language unit.

Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.