Turtle Games

I made a ‘turtle shell’ out of an empty paper box by turning it upside down, cutting out a large space for the neck to pass through in one end, and small indentations along the bottom sides for arms and legs to go through for larger children. It was painted to look like an actual shell, and they wore the shell while on their hands and knees. We used them to wear for crawling through a make-shift obstacle course, but they are also enjoyed just to play with! A stretchy band or yarn can be placed across the middle of the box to help keep in on better.

Bean bag turtle toss.

Salvage a large piece of cardboard and paint it like a turtle then cut out the legs and head into circles. Give the children small balls or bean bags to toss into the holes.

Read the story “Yertle the Turtle” by Dr. Seuss. Follow up with a follow the leader game. Ask the children how they felt about being “bossed” around. You can also stack blocks (pretend they are turtles) and count how many before it falls. The children can also make predictions and that could be posted or charted.