Turtle Art

Cut brown or green circles out of construction paper, a little bigger than a pie plate and fold them in half. Have the children dab or paint on one side of the fold. Fold over and press down to make a symmetrical design. Cut out legs, a tail and head and glue onto the bottom of the turtle when paint is dry. They make lovely “painted” turtles to display.

Use cardboard egg cartons to make cute little baby turtles. Give each child one section of the egg carton to paint green and brown. This is the turtle’s shell. Then let the child cut small bits of green paper for the head, legs, and tail. Glue these to the shell and add small wiggle eyes. You could even display them on a paper plate with a splash of blue paint and some Easter grass to represent a pond. These are quick and simple, but they are so cute!

Use two small paper plates that you place rice, beans, etc… in before you staple them together. The children can add feet, a tail, and a head to it also. My children also enjoyed painting it and afterwards using it as their own musical instrument.

We made “stained glass turtles, by drawing an outline of a turtle on green construction paper. I then shaved yellow and green color crayons onto waxed paper and melted with an iron. We cut out an oval shape from the middle of the turtle and glued the wax paper from behind. We punched a hole in top and tied yarn through the hole and hung in a window.

Use a coffee filter turned upside down and glue on green and brown circles, or any shapes, for the shell. Then use cut out head, legs, and tail to glue on. Glue on googly eyes and you have the cutest turtle!

I do a circle-shaped turtle every year. We cut a large white circle for the body and four smaller ones for the legs. Children use different shades of green tissue paper and stick it on the paper with starch. I reinforce several skills by focusing on the circle shape and the color green. Children can also see how the shades of green mix when they glue them on with the starch. Finally, I usually tie it into language arts by reading a favorite story book with the turtle as the main character.

Turtle mobiles: Have the parents bring a clothes hanger. Buy sponges and cut turtles out of them. Have the children sponge paint turtles in a variety of colors and let them dry. Punch holes in the turtles and hang them from your coat hanger with yarn for turtle mobiles. They are very cute to hang in windows or outside.

Trace a big turtle shape on construction paper. Child can cut out and sponge paint or they can glue tissue paper on to color it.

For making turtles I turn a paper bowl upside down and have the children color it brown and green then snip and glue on brown and green paper. You can cut the head tail and feet out ahead of time or let children do it.