Turkey Songs

This finger play is simple and fun

The turkey is a funny bird

(Hold up hand fingers together, thumb sticking out and point to with other hand) His head goes wobble, wobble.

(Point to head and move forward and backwards) The only word that he can say is…

(shake head and hold up one finger)

gobble , gobble, gobble.

(use hand to move like a beak)

One day a turkey went for a walk, (left index finger) He met a little duck so they had a little talk (right index finger) Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble (wiggle left index finger) Quack, quack, quack, quack (wiggle right index finger) Goodbye (left finger) Goodbye (right finger) And they both went back (put fingers behind back)

To the tune of “Clementine”

Albuquerque is a turkey

And he’s feathered and he’s fine

And he’s absolutely gorgeous

And he’s absolutely mine!

He’s the best pet

That you can get

Better than a dog or cat

He’s my Albuquerque Turkey and

I’m very proud of that!

Turkey Wobble

(Sung To “Hooky Pokey”)

You Put You Turkey Wing In (put your elbow in) You Take Your Turkey Wing Out (put your elbow out) You Put Your Turkey Wing In And You Shake It All About You Do The Turkey Wobble (hands on hips and wobble) And You Turn Yourself Around That’s What Its All About!

Continue With…

…Turkey Leg

…Turkey Feathers (backside)