Turkey Snacks

For this snack you need:


Candy Corn

Hershey Kisses

Red Hots

Chocolate Frosting

Take the Oreo and cover the top of it with frosting. Put an unwrapped Hershey Kiss on the edge of the Oreo (this is it’s head). Put 5-6 Candy Corns on the other side behind the Hershey Kiss (these are the feathers). Put a dab of frosting on the Hershey Kiss then put the red hot on the frosting for the gobbler. Enjoy!

Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Use fudge striped cookies, turn striped sides down (fudge circle should show). Dip marshmallows in melted chocolate and place on top of cookies. Let harden. Use yellow decorator icing to pipe a buckle on the marshmallow. It will look like a Pilgrim’s hat.

Turkey Cookies



candy corn (about 5 per child)kisses (one per child) vanilla wafers (one per child)

In a small group “cooking center”, give all ingredients to each child on a paper plate. It helps if you do one with the whole group first, and then have picture cards (drawn or photos) of each step at the center to remind them.

First spread the frosting on the vanilla wafer.

Then place the kiss on the bottom of the wafer (sticks with icing).

This is the turkey’s head and neck.

Then place the candy corns (pointed side touching the kiss) around the top.

These are the turkey’s feathers.