Turkey Games For Preschoolers

Turkey Games For Preschoolers

Turkey Games For Preschoolers

Easy and fun turkey games for preschoolers through second grade.

Pin The Feather On The Turkey

Trace a turkey body.  Cover with contact paper.

Cut feathers from construction paper.

Buy large squares of Velcro.  Glue the hoop side where the turkey’s feathers would be.

Glue the fuzzy side of the Velcro on each feather.

A gobbling noise is made when they are getting close to the target.

Have children sit in a circle and help teacher recite the following rhyme:

“Gobble, gobble” said the turkey

As he rubbed his fluffy tummy

My Thanksgiving dinner

Is going to taste yummy

So he got out his fork

And he got out his plate

Now can you tell me

What that little turkey ate?

Have each child, in turn, select a picture from a bag or box that is filled with pictures of foods- some that turkeys eat, and some that they don’t- The child holds up the picture and says what it is, and if it’s something a turkey would eat, the children all gobble. You can modify this game by changing the pictures- you could have food/non-food pictures that could be sorted as the game is played.