Tree Art

Create a Tissue Paper Tree

You will need construction paper, white glue, and tissue paper.

Pre cut the trunk of a tree. have the children glue it onto a sheet of paper. Then have the children scrunch up pieces of tissue paper to make balls. Dip it in the glue and place it on the paper. The focus of any art experience is the process not the end product.

Textured Paint

Add sawdust to prepared paints for use at the art area
Pine Needle Brushes
Cut branches from a pine needle tree. Place the branches at the easel so that the children can use them as brushes.
Colorful Paper Leaves
Cut out leaf patterns
Cut out colored pieces of paper from old magazines. Glue the pieces all over each leaf, then trim off the excess. Glue the leaves onto white paper.

Take any kind of paper (larger the better). Have the students take these outside and hold them up against a tree for a tree rubbing. I have a “mystery box” that I put pieces of bark in. They really like the fell of it!