Transportation Snacks

Make a bus using Twinkies and small Oreo cookies for wheels. Attach with frosting or cool whip.

Use a Twinkie, frosting and mini Oreo’s to create a school bus. Use the frosting as glue to hold on the Oreo wheels.

Graham Cracker Stop Lights

First give each child a graham cracker. Next give them 3 individual cups with a spoonful or two of white frosting. Discuss the colors of a stoplight and put 2-3 drops of the corresponding colors in each cup. Red, yellow and green food coloring. Have the children mix the frosting and the food coloring. Next spread the colored frosting on the 3 individual sections of the graham cracker. Voila! You have a very tasty stoplight.


Cut a few oranges or grapefruits in half. Hollow them out and eat the insides. Meanwhile, make up a batch of Jell-O of any flavor. Fill the “shell” with the liquid Jell-O. Place them into the fridge to set. Once the item has set cut the halves into quarters. Put a toothpick and a triangle piece of construction paper into them to give the appearance of boats…

Alternatives: You can also fill the Jell-O with frozen fruit to give it an extra kick. You can also use fruit rollup in place of the triangle piece of construction paper for the sail.

Make edible stop lights. Break a graham cracker into 4s. Spread with peanut butter, and put a red, yellow and green m and m candy, top to bottom. We do this after our discussion of safety.

School Bus: Materials: Box of off brand Twinkies ( they are actually yellower), large package of caramel rolos, pretzels,chocolate chips

Directions: 1) wash hands 2) give each child a Twinkie 3) have each child take bite off the top left corner 4) stick 2 pretzel sticks through the sides of the Twinkie (to make front & back axels) 5) put 1 Rolo on each pretzel stick ends (for wheels) 6) put 4 chocolate chips on Twinkie (point side in) to make people