Transportation Science

Make ramps of two different heights to roll cars down. Which one goes faster, the tall ramp or the short ramp? Why? You can make the ramps out of blocks from the block area and use matchbox or hot wheel cars.

Folding Airplanes Materials Needed: Paper, Paper clips, and Markers Show the children how to fold paper airplanes, then let them try. You might have to assist them a little. They can use the markers to draw designs on them. The paperclips help to add weight to the plane and they keep the edges together. You will only need 2 per airplane.

This activity is good for talking about boats. Take a plastic sandwich bag and fill it 3/4 with water and seal. Then have several sharp pencils ready, ask the children what will happen if you poke a pencil in the bag of water? Then put the pencils in if you do it fast enough and steady enough it will not leak. Surprise. You can put many many pencils in one bag.

Can Rolling: Provide two coffee cans and small items to fit inside the can (a block, a toy car, crayons, Lego, pencil…) Let the child explore how the items move inside the can and affect the cans ability to roll.