Transportation Games

As an extension to lining up the chairs to create a bus/train, we gave the children paper tickets, hole punchers and aprons. The children took turns acting as the conductors and passengers. We listed the choice of stops on butcher paper and handed out maps they could pretend to read as well as other props such as tote bags, newspapers and books. They had a ball and it lasted almost an hour with fun/attentive role playing.

I line up the chairs to make a bus. I choose one child to be the driver. I ask each child the for the opposite of a word I say (I say boy they say girl). If they are correct they get to get a seat on the bus. I continue until all the children are on the bus. When the bus is loaded the driver gets to pick a pretend place we are going. All the children they help to make the motor sound until the bus driver stops. Pick a new bus driver each time.

Transportation sewing cards- Provide children with cardboard cutouts of trucks or cars and have them punch holes with a well oiled hole punch all around the edge of the cutouts. Knot one end of a shoelace and have the children sew around the card. This is a great fine motor activity and the hole punching builds hand strength. This can also be used for other topics… my class made sewing card hearts for Valentines day, but you could also make basic shapes like circles and squares too!

Red light, green light. Cut a red circle and green circle out of poster board and attach them to sticks. Explain to children that green means “go” and red means “stop”. Starting at one end of the room, show the green circle and they can walk. Flash the red and they must stop. Start slow and go faster when they get used to it!

Tape # cards to a row of chairs. Then make duplicate # cards to act as “tickets”. Give each child a ticket and have he or she match the numbers and find their correct seat. Pretend you are on a bus, train or airplane. Then pretend you are the ticket taker and sing related songs as you drive or fly along!

Place # cards on back of chairs lined up like seats on a bus. Hand out cards with pictures of objects (like tires). children need to match number of object to correct seat # and sit down.