Transportation Art

Cut out lots of children’s faces from old catalogs in a square shape. Make a yellow school bus shape and have the children glue the faces onto the bus. The square shape around the head of the child really looks like a window. The children can glue black circles on afterward for wheels.

A great way to have children be creative with crayons is to make their own ‘road maps’ with a large piece of butcher paper or newspaper end-rolls. ( I found end rolls at the local newspaper for $1). Cut out a section as long as your table, then have children draw the roads, buildings, street signs, etc. and play with your small cars on the map. We drew a McDonalds, burger king, pizza hut, beach, etc….LOTS OF FUN!

Shape vehicles – cut out an assortment of shapes and have children put them together to make a train, boat, car, etc.

During transportation week I taped maps to the table and had the children drive their vehicles over paint soaked sponges and make tire tracks all over the maps.

I provided the kids with vehicles with interesting tire tracks. I taped butcher paper onto a table and provided the kids with stamp pads to roll the tires in. The children had a great time making tire impressions on the paper.

I did a unit on water craft and based it on the Beatles song “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine”. To start the unit off, I took a photo of each child in the class, drew a large yellow submarine on cardboard, cut out the portals and inserted each face in a portal. The children enjoyed coming in on the Monday to find that they were living in a yellow submarine! Ideas just flew after that.