Thanksgiving Songs

I HEARD MR. TURKEY SAY. . . Gobble, Gobble, Gobble . . . Soon ’twill be Thanksgiving Day . . . Gobble, Gobble, Gobble . . . People think it is such fun . . . but I think that I shall run . . . and hide until the day is done . . . Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.

This song was taught to me by my grandmother who is now 80. She learned it from my father when he was in grade school – he is now 61.

Here is a verse that I’ve been using for years. Add actions and the students love it.

Thanksgiving Day is coming So Mr. Turkey said, “Now I must be real careful Or I will lose my head.”

The pumpkin heard the turkey, “I’m frightened too, oh my! They’ll mix me up with sugar and spice and I’ll be pumpkin pie”

Thanksgiving Day Song

Thanksgiving day is a happy day so we say thank you God.

repeat 3 times. This song is really easy. We are singing it with our young 2’s. They are starting to get it, very slowly! But if you want an easy song this is it.

I really liked the Thanksgiving rap about Bert the dancing turkey. I was practicing it at home when my fifteen-year-old daughter thought up a second verse to the rap. That is what I would like to submit…

A turkey named Bert thought he’d make up a dance and do it for the king and the queen. If he did a good job and they liked it allot they wouldn’t eat CUZ that’d be MEAN! He went slide…close slide…close Shake your tail and wiggle your nose slide…close slide…close flap your wings and touch your toes DANCE< DANCE Bert deserves a chance DANCE, DANCE, Bert deserves a chance


SOOOoo that turkey named Bert well he performed his dance, and he did it for the queen and the king. And he did a good job and they liked it a lot so they danced till the morning bird sings. They went slide…close slide…close flap your wings and touch your toes DANCE< DANCE That turkey can dance! DANCE, DANCE, THAT TURKEY CAN DANCE!

(Song) “We Are Thankful (sung to Where is Thumbkin?

We are thankful We are thankful For our food (family, friends) For our food (family, friends) And our many blessings, And our many blessings, Amen! Amen! (or Thank You! Thank You!)

Sail The Mayflower Children sit with feet touching, face to face, stretch arms and hold hands (partners) They rock back and forth as they sing the song.

Sail, Sail , Sail the Mayflower
Gently across the sea
Merrily , Merrily , Merrily
Pilgrims now are free.

Repeat Sing to Row Row Row Your Boat

Mr duck went out in (sunny) weather He met Mr. Turkey on the way. They stopped to talk together. Gobble, gobble, gobble. Quack, quack, quack. Then they walked back.

Variations add stormy, rainy, cloudy, etc.

Mr. Turkey Sung to are you sleeping

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey, Run away, Run away. If you do not hurry You will be a mouthful Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving day.

Mr. Turkey (this is more of a chant than a song but the children love it because you hold the note ending “OH” in each verse Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey Mr. Turkey, OHHHHHH (hold this note for as long as you want) When he walks he wobbles When he talks he gobbles Mr. Turkey, OHHHHH (hold note again)

Turkey Wobble

Make your hands like they are ” Talking” 4 times Pretend to “flap your wings” (arms) 4 times Wiggle bottom 4 times Shout “Gobble” 4 times

Repeat until you want to stop