Thanksgiving Songs

Here’s a Thanksgiving song

Turkey in the barnyard what does he say?
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble all day.

Turkey on the table what do I say?
Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy all day.

Turkey in my tummy what do I say?
I ate too much on Thanksgiving Day.

Tune: f f f f f c(middle c)a a a a c c d d c c b(flat)b(flat)a a g f

Mr. Turkey (sung to the tune of “Clementine”)

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey, Are you getting nice and fat?
We are waiting for Thanksgiving,
Now, what do you think of that?

I learned this song in elementary school. Now I teach it to my 4-year-olds every year.

Good Morning Mr. Turkey, Thanksgiving’s almost here (Wave)
And I’ve come to tell you, you’d better disappear. (“Shoo away” turkey)
Mother doesn’t know it, nor does Farmer Gray (Put finger to lips)
Shhhh I’ve opened up the gate so you can run away (Pretend to open gate)
Run away, run away, run away. (Shoo away turkey again)

Turkey Song

Happy Thanksgiving hurray, hurray, hurray,
Aren’t you glad your not a Turkey on this Thanksgiving Day

Five Fat Turkeys Sitting on the gate
The first one said, “Oh my, it’s getting late!”
The second one said, “Thanksgiving is near.”
The third one said, “That makes me shake with fear!”
The fourth one said, “Let’s run, run, run!”
The fifth one said, “Here comes the farmer with his gun!”
“Let’s have turkey dinner,” they heard the farmer say.
So the five fat turkeys flew far, far away!

“Turkey Wore His Red Feather” (Sung to the tune of “Mary Wore Her Red Dress”)

Turkey wore his red feather, red feather, red feather.
Turkey wore his red feather, all day long!

Turkey wore his orange feather, orange feather, orange feather.
Turkey wore his orange feather, all day long.

Repeat the song using all of the colors of the rainbow then sing…

Last line: Turkey wore his rainbow feathers, rainbow feathers, rainbow feathers. Turkey wore his rainbow feathers, all Thanksgiving long!

Hand out several feathers of each color and have the children wave their feather when their color is sung about. Then all of the feathers will be waved at the end to make a rainbow of feathers! Ü

The Turkey is a funny bird,

His head goes wobble wobble.
All he says is just one word….. Gobble gobble, gobble!

Mr. Turkey (tune of Are You Sleeping?)

Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey,
Run away, run away,
If you aren’t careful, You will be a mouthful,
On Thanksgiving Day, On Thanksgiving Day!

Turkey Song (The children love this one!)

I heard Mr. Turkey say GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE
Soon will be Thanksgiving Day GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE
Some folks think that it’s great fun
But I think that I will run
And hide until the day is done GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE!!!!!

To the tune of The Ants go marching one by one

The pilgrims are coming to celebrate
Hurrah Hurrah
The pilgrims are coming to celebrate
Thanksgiving Day
The pilgrims are coming so don’t be late
They’ll sing and dance to celebrate
And we’ll all have fun so hurry and don’t be late!