Thanksgiving Snacks For Preschoolers

Thanksgiving Snacks For Preschoolers

Instead of just a regular shaped Sugar cone filled with goodies, why not shape the cone into a real looking cornucopia? Start by boiling a pot of water. You will need the steam to make the shape. Take a regular sugar cone and place over the steam until pliable. Do not let it get mushy. as it starts to “soften” place the pointy part of the cone over the edge of the pot so it takes a bended shape. Do not let the cone get wet. once it is shaped, place it on wax paper and let it dry. You will have neat little curve to your cornucopia! =)

At the youth center where I work, the budget is limited, therefore for our Thanksgiving Feast we provide finger foods. ex: veggies & dip, apples & dip, various crackers, finger Jell-O, etc… all are served from a sugar cone cornucopia. Enjoy!

A tasty recipe for No-Bake Pumpkin Pudding

To make one individual serving per child, mix two tablespoons pumpkin pie filling, two tablespoons marshmallow crème, and one tablespoon whipped topping. It is fun for the kids to measure the ingredients themselves and mix this tasty pudding.

Turkey Cookies – you use Keebler striped cookie, a star chocolate candy, and a caramel. Put the star candy as the feet. Then the caramel (sq) as the body, then the corn candy as the head and the feathers is the Keebler cookie. You will need to place caramel in microwave-safe wax paper on high 5-10 seconds until soft so all the items will stick while making the turkey.

This is a fun Thanksgiving activity. You start with the Rhodes dough that comes roll-shaped. You need two rolls per child. Take the first roll and just put it on the tray this is the body of the turkey. Take the second roll and with a rolling pin roll it out flat. With a butter knife have the child cut the flat circle in half. With one half of the circle roll it into a snake shape and this is the neck and head of the turkey. With the other half of the circle, cut with a knife to make the feathers. When you have all the parts of the body done, have the children brush on a beaten egg white. This makes it shiny and it also helps it to stick together. Optional touches are sliced almonds on the feathers, and coarse salt. Bake the turkeys at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes. You don’t need to worry about letting them rise. When your turkey is done, place 2 pretzel sticks in the bottom of the turkey for the legs.

A variation of the Friendship Stew is Sharing Mix. I invite each family to send a finger-food type of snack that can be added together at circle time to create a trail mix. The Sharing Mix then get divided into Ziploc bags and sent home for all to enjoy. The kids think it is super cool!

Last year while working with two year olds we made bagel turkeys. For each child you’ll need a bagel, 7 lollipops, and 3 candy corn. The bagel acts as the turkey’s body. Poke 2 lollipops through the base of the bagel as legs so it will stand up. Then use the remaining lollipops as feathers poking out of the top of the bagel. Just above the hole in the bagel we poked in 2 candy corn as eyes and 1 candy corn as the gobble. The kids had fun making this edible project and afterwards we toasted and ate our bagels with jelly, butter, or cream cheese! Yum!

EDIBLE CORNUCOPIAS In advance send home a parent letter asking each student to bring one cupful of “cornucopia filling” to school on a designated day. Provide a list of suggested fillings, such as raisins, nuts, popcorn, bite-size cookies, and small candy pieces. You will also need one waffle cone per child. On the day of celebration stir together student’s ingredients and serve each student a portion of the mixture in a waffle cone.

Have each child bring a vegetable from home. Cut up the vegetables and boil them in a soup pot while you are doing other activities. Stir in some chicken or turkey broth and serve up some Indian Corn Bread with this hearty Pilgrim Stew!

You need: 2 Ritz bits crackers,4 stick pretzels, mini marshmallow &peanut butter. Spread the peanut butter on the Ritz bits. Stick the 4 pretzels in between crackers. Put peanut butter on marshmallows&stick on Ritz crackers. IT’S A TURKEY!