Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

For Thanksgiving/fall theme, gather leaves and bring inside in a common area. Give a few of the kids small brooms/rakes and sing the following words to “London Bridge” Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down, Autumn leaves are falling down welcome Autumn. Sweep the leaves and put them here, put them out here, put them here, Sweep the leaves and put them here, welcome Autumn. Jump right in and have some fun, have some fun, have some fun, Jump right in and have some fun-welcome autumn.

children participate in the activity in a circle and follow the cues for the activity.

Pinecone Turkey Centerpieces–Collect a large pinecone for each child. Cut the profile of a turkey head and neck complete with waddle out of construction paper. With pinecone laying on its side wedge the head and neck into the small end of the cone making the pinecone the body of the turkey. Trace the child’s hand on to a piece of construction paper, fold the paper in half and cut out two ‘handprints’. Have child dictate what they are thankful for and write onto the palm of one hand. Wedge the hands (with the dictation showing in the back) into the large end of the pinecone to be the tail. I do not glue the hands and heads on as they are easier to take apart and store for the next year. My own children have done this every year since preschool (they are now pre-teens). We now have a ‘Turkey Farm’ centerpiece with lots of memories.

This year for Thanksgiving our children are making turkeys with red, white and blue feathers. With the words, We are thankful to be American. The bodies of the turkeys are made from multicultural construction paper to represent the colors of America. They are coming out beautifully!

Cornucopia Place Cards

Materials Needed:

Oaktag – cut into place card size
Bugle snacks
Runts – candy sweet tarts
Tacky Glue – works best!

1. Fold place card so that it is free-standing.

2. Glue Bugle onto the middle of the card.

3. Arrange Runts (orange, lemon, lime etc.) around the opening of the Bugle.

4. Glue into place.

5. Write name either on top or below the “cornucopia”.

Both my special needs children and typically developing children LOVE this activity. Have fun!!