Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Thankful Turkey Have children paint small paper plate brown-cut out face and waddle of the turkey and the children can glue these on. Add feet and wiggle eyes. Give each child 4 colored feathers to cut out. After they have cut these out ask the child to tell you something she is thankful for and write them on the feathers. On the body of the turkey write I am thankful for….(It’s fun to hear their answers)!

Mr. Turkey
Cut a large pear shape out of brown construction paper. Staple to an empty bulletin board. Then, cut out construction paper feathers in various colors and sizes. Let the children use collage materials to decorate their feather. Staple the feathers to the turkey body and you have a group art project that is also a great Thanksgiving decoration for your classroom.

For Thanksgiving use Pinecones and construction paper in all colors to make feathers. Use some brown paper to make feet for your turkey. You will lay the pinecone on its side and glue the feet to the bottom. ( It will remain on its side) Have the children cut or you can precut feathers out of the construction paper. Glue the feathers to the pedals of the pinecones and make a beak. You now have a turkey.

We make cards for our parents for Thanksgiving. Paint the hand and thumb brown and the other fingers different colors; red, yellow, green, orange, etc. Place this on paper and after it dries, the children can use the thumb as the head and add a wiggle eye and color a red waddle. Add feet at the bottom. Make a copy of this poem and let them glue it onto their paper.

]Dear Mother and Father,
This isn’t just a turkey,
As anyone can see.
I made it with my hand,
Which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love,
Especially to say,
I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

Take the paper rolls from either toilet tissue or paper towels and cut them into smaller pieces. Have the children roll the tubes, (or paint on) colored glue (red, yellow, orange, brown) and then roll the tubes into a mixture of different types and colors of beans (corn, black, green pea, etc.) let dry and add a colorful, fall napkin. You have napkin holders for your class Thanksgiving Feast or celebration.

Start looking right now at your dollar stores, Walmarts, Michaels, Pic-n-Saves, etc. for Thanksgiving cookie cutters. Have the children dip them into fall colored paint and press them onto paper to create wonderful prints! You can also do this on butcher paper to create a neat background for a Thanksgiving bulletin board.

Take thoroughly cleaned and dried corn cobs and dip them into different fall colored paints. Let the children roll the corn cobs over white paper to make a very special print.

After explaining to your children how native Americans used roots, berries and vegetable liquids to dye their cloth, have the children experience the same thing. Boil up some beets, some blueberries, some broccoli, other dark green vegetables, and save the liquid that they boiled in. Make sure the liquid has cooled and then let the children use this colored liquid to paint on pieces of white cotton material. Explain to them that this is how colors were added to costumes.

Stained glass turkeys

You will need brown paint, a paper plate, 3 large sheets of brown construction paper, orange construction paper, red construction paper and various colors of tissue paper and glue.

To make the turkey you will need to cut five large feathers out of brown construction paper, then approximately 1 inch in from the edge of the feather, cut the center out. cut feather shapes out of tissue paper, glue to one side of the feather. Paint the paper plate brown. Cut turkey head out and attach to the paper plate. cut beak, and feet from the orange paper. red is for around the beak. These turkeys look very nice attached to a glass door so the sun can shine through.